Top 10 ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Celebrity Edition

September 19 19:26 2012

A few months ago, many others and myself came across the Internet sensation known as ‘shit girls say’ on twitter. It is basically comprised of stereotypical sentences that girls might be found saying. It is relatable and embarrassing at times, but always humorous. The people at ‘shit girls say’ often retweet celebrities who say things that fit their mold. I was meandering through twitter and decided to compile a list of the top 10 celebrity ‘shit girls say’ moments. Before you indulge in this judgmental list, take a gander at the ‘shit girls say’ video to understand what all the fuss is about:

10. ‘sometimes i feel like i love everyone more than they love me. hatttte that feeling.’- Miley Cyrus

9. ‘Spice world is On! Those girls were the shit & still are. Fricken love them always ❤ – Snooki

8. ‘Slept like a rock last night! Feels so good today!’ – Lea Michele

7. ‘Beautiful Blue Moon!!!!!’- Denise Richards

6. ‘I can’t wait for the day I can walk in heels again! My feet feel homesick!’ – Jessica Simpson

5. ‘I made wild mushroom and asparagus risotto, scallops, and a salad for dinner. Pretty proud of the risotto :)’ – Kristin Cavallari

4. ‘Soul Cycle killed me this morning. Needed it though!’- Emma Roberts

3. ‘this house is so scary, and quiet’- Kendall Jenner

2. ‘11:11 – Make a Wish….’- Paris Hilton

1. ‘I took those long nails off. They were just press on for my shoot. OMG I can text & tweet again. #freedom’- Kim Kardashian



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