Charlie Played Cello – ‘Red’ review


If you’re looking to rock out to infectious melodies and catchy rhythms, then Charlie Played Cello’s debut EP, Red, is right up your alley.

Known as CPC to their fans, the Los Angeles-based rock band started out doing covers, but with this EP, (a fancy way of saying it’s a shorter version of an album) they establish an incredibly unique sound. It can best be described as a mix of 90s alternative, classic rock, new wave and power pop with an old-school surf throwback – think Weezer, The Cars and Tom Petty with a touch of The Beach Boys.

And to answer your burning question: no, there is no Charlie or cello in this group. The story behind their quirky name is that Charlie, a cello player and friend of bassist Mike Resch and lead singer Chris Wiebe, died in a motorcycle accident driving home from a CPC show. So the guys decided to keep his memory alive through their name.

CPC went on to score a coveted contract with New Deal Entertainment and released Red, a record that is a tad short, but one that will win them tons of fans just as quickly. I’m always a little hesitant when I hear new music, but these guys had me rocking out from the very first track. My personal favorites, “Memories Collide” and “Drifting Apart,” sound like radio hits as soon as the first chords are struck, while “Tired of Playing Games” and “Light Me On Fire, It’s Midnight” bring old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll back to life again.

Wiebe’s vocals sound familiar, yet new. At times, his tone is similar to Pat Monahan’s, and there are even elements of Adam Levine’s falsetto present, but otherwise he has crafted his own style that definitely captures your attention. As does the music from the rest of the band. They’re like the consummate guys next door jamming just to have a good time. Overall, Red will bring you back to your glory days, and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last that we hear from CPC.

For more information on Red, please visit Charlie Played Cello’s website. Go on, I dare you not to like it.

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