Top 10 Michael Scott ‘Office’ Episodes

Top 10 Michael Scott ‘Office’ Episodes
February 17 22:58 2013
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The Office is currently in its last season on NBC and has certainly undergone some drastic changes over the years, including Andy Bernard being promoted to regional manager after Michael Scott chose to leave. While Michael may have moved on from Dunder Mifflin, his time as “The World’s Best Boss” certainly won’t be forgotten.

Take a look at the episodes that really showcased the best of Michael Scott!

10) Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2)

Michael’s imitation of a Chris Rock routine leads a consultant to teach a seminar on racial diversity, but Michael decides to create his own seminar that does more harm than good. His various exercises actually emphasize all of the insulting stereotypes floating around society, but luckily most of the employees know not to take him too seriously.



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