Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Movies

Jennifer Lopez, born in The Bronx, New York, in 1969 to Puerto Rican parents, has been singing and acting since she was a young girl. J. Lo earned her first acting role while still in high school, and ever since she’s been tearing up the big and little screen. From Jennifer’s breakout role in Selena, to her roles in the popular romantic comedies The Back-Up Plan and The Wedding Planner, we count down the top 10 Jennifer Lopez movies.

10. Anaconda

One of Jennifer Lopez’s first big movies, Anaconda, was a 1997 thriller with a star-packed cast including Ice Cube, Jon Voight, and Owen Wilson. While the movie is one of those so-bad-it-is-good movies, we can’t help but recognize Jennifer Lopez for her role, simply because only J. Lo could pull off looking that flawless while being held hostage in the Amazon.

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