Vicci Martinez on life after ‘The Voice’

The Voice has taken America by storm – audiences are captivated by the show’s unique take on a singing competition. The show starts with blind auditions, where distinguished musicians from all areas of the industry are asked to judge contestants only on their vocal ability. Once a judge turns their chair around for the vocalist auditioning, their life is instantly changed.

For Vicci Martinez,her life definitely changed when Cee Lo Green turned around during season one of The Voice. Once Green turned around for Martinez, the auditioning process became real. “That was one of the craziest experiences of my life. I think it was especially crazy because right before they had us do our auditions they showed us a video of the judges performing. That made it pretty real. It was definitely nerve racking. Once Cee Lo turned around it soothed my soul,” said Martinez.

Martinez had audiences spellbound with her free spirit and soulful yet powerful vocal range throughout the competition. Martinez came in third place during season one of The Voice but has continued to prove that she is a force in the music industry.

“It has taken a little longer than I thought it would take. In a way I lost the steam from being on season one but because of that, I have been able to gain my own steam with my music, as opposed to just being a finalist on the show. I’m proving to people out there that I am good,” said Martinez.

With the release of her album, Vicci, and her single “Come Along” (featuring former coach Cee Lo Green) gaining popularity on the radio, Martinez is proving to fans and critics that she is indeed a great musician, reality show or not.

Discussing her collaboration with her former coach, Martinez explained, “I recorded the track on my own with Max Martin and then we thought for the sake of the show and all of us being a part of something together it would be good to have him (Cee Lo Green) on the track. He really did add great flavor on the track.”

With the new album and single, fans are wondering what is next for Martinez. For her it is simple: “I’m going to continue to keep playing music and I definitely have bought into this new whole venture of being signed to a major label and being on The Voice. It is something that I have been doing my whole life and I hope it keeps going.”

“Come Along” and Vicci are available for download on iTunes.

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