South Pacific Islanders have known for years about the health benefits of coconut oil. It improves your heart health, boosts your thyroid, increases metabolism, promotes a lean body and weight loss, and supports your immune system.

Coconut oil is not just for cooking. It is also beneficial to your skin and hair. It is an amazing moisturizer, can be used a lip balm, is great for shaving legs, can remove makeup, is a natural deodorant, can protect your nails, and is a great hair conditioner and styling agent for dry hair.

Carrington Farms is a maker of health food products such as flax seed. They’ve recently released their new pure organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil in a convenient, recyclable 12 oz. container. The small container is priced at just $8.99 so you can enjoy all the benefits of coconut oil without buying more than you really need or breaking the bank.

Carrington Farms’ unrefined Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is pressed and bottled so it retains its original nutrient content, flavor and color. It is certified organic, has no trans & hydrogenated fats, and is perfect for healthy high heat cooking up to 350 F. Use coconut oil as a healthy and delicious replacement for butter or fat; sauteed vegetables, roast sweet potatoes, add to smoothies or mix into cereal. You can also use coconut oil for skin or as a hair moisturizer, and you can even apply it to bee stings and bug bites to soothe and heal wounds.

Get pure organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil in the 12 oz. or 54 oz. container at