Havahart Spray Away Elite II

If you have a garden and live near the wild, one of the greatest problems is keeping out unwanted animals. They may be pretty to look at but they are also eating your flowers and produce that you’ve worked hard to plant and maintain.

Keep unwanted animals out of your garden with the environmentally-friendly and humane Spray Away Elite II by Havahart. The Spray Away is a hose-free, motion-activated sprinkler that will help keep animals away from your garden.

When the infrared sensors pick up on an animal’s heat and movement from as far away as 35 feet, the Spray System fires a burst of water. The sudden stream and accompanying noise frightens away wandering animals without harming them.

The Spray Away is solar powered so there are no plugs or batteries required. Because there are no cables involved, you can set up the Spray Away anywhere in your garden. The water basin holds enough water for approximately 35 activations. You can adjust the sprinkler to cover longer or shorter distances to protect your garden from deer, dogs, raccoons, cats, rabbits, squirrels, and geese. And because the Spray Away uses just water and not any chemicals, it is completely safe to use around children and pets.

You can get the Spray Away Elite II for $179.99 at Havahart.com.

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