Top 10: Comic book movies

June 12 16:39 2013

With Man of Steel just days away, it’s obvious that comic book movies are a growing trend. With last year’s blockbuster summer of comic book movies, everyone is wondering if this year will follow suit. Here are the top ten reasons why comic book movies has risen to their current status.

10. Kick Ass: Comic book movies should be fun, and that’s all Kick Ass was. No one went into this expecting a cinematic masterpiece. Instead, they bought their tickets and got exactly what was advertised – 90 or so minutes of jetpacks, rocket launchers, back flips, and guns. With the sequel coming this summer, hopefully our expectations will be met again.

9. Watchmen: If Kick Ass is all about having fun, then Watchmen is the serious older brother who goes to college and becomes a lawyer or something and is all dad talks about. It’s a little bit heavy handed and not quite as fun, but there’s a story there that comes across even better in the movie than it did in the graphic novel.

8. X-Men: It’s hard to remember what that first X-Men film was like, as it has been marred by a cascade of less than stellar sequels and prequels. But if you could go back to the year 2000, you would see that the first X-Men film was not only good, it was good before its particular style of comic book movie was even a thing. This movie makes the list for establishing the framework for over a decade of superhero flicks.

7. Iron Man: Another movie that established a framework for future flicks, Iron Man started Marvel Studios and the cinematic universe that led to last year’s The Avengers, and continues to lead into the future. Plus the movie melded comedy, action, and plot in a way that mega superhero blockbusters have emulated ever since.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: This makes the list for epitomizing the source material so fully. Scott Pilgrim was a comic book brought to life, and not an easy comic book at that. The comics were especially comic-y with “POW”s and “BANG”s and all sorts of video game and pop culture references. This was more than a comic book movie, it was a comic book in movie form.

5. Batman: The first real superhero comic book movie, Batman (the one with Michael Keaton) did what had never been done before; it made every kid in America want to be Batman.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: A lot of people don’t recognize that the Ninja Turtles were based on comic books, which stands as a testament to how great these movies were. The movies became the primary universe for Leonardo and crew, leaving the comics as a fringe and forgotten source. Hopefully that never happens with The Avengers or DC’s pantheon of heroes.

3. V for Vendetta: Like Watchmen, V for Vendetta is a serious movie based on a finished story. But unlike Watchmen, V for Vendetta was an amazing movie.

2. The Dark Knight Trilogy: Turns out comic book superhero movies can be more than action packed. The Dark Knight trilogy was three good movies with an awesome overarching story. If Snyder and Goyer and crew can pull that off with Superman, then DC Entertainment has a chance of catching up to Marvel Studios’ success.

1. The Avengers: Just about the perfect movie Marvel Studios could do with the characters they had available. To trump it, either Marvel needs to get back Spiderman and the X-Men, or DC Entertainment needs to get their act together and put out an A-list Justice League. But, for the sake of laughs, here’s a disparaging take on The Avengers.



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