Top 10 Lana Del Rey Lyrics

June 25 18:11 2013

With larger-than-life hair and a craving for older men, Lana Del Rey haunts pop with her sweet, yet dark voice and themes of a modern and vintage America. She haunts it in a good way, of course. Along with her themes that embody the 20-something generation, Rey (her actual name is Lizzy Grant) got her name from a mixture of the Hollywood actress of the past Lana Turner and the vintage Ford Del Rey car, according to IMDB. It’s quite fitting for the retro, glamour goddess.

Like a siren, Rey sings of love and sex to capture all the sugar daddies hanging out in the hip part of New York City. Don’t believe it? She unashamedly admits it in some of her songs. That’s why she’s so special: she doesn’t hold back with her lyrics.

Here are ten of her best lyrics, ranging from drug use to Pepsi Cola. We warn you: some of these lyrics can get pretty dirty.

from “Off To The Races”
He might want to get that checked out. Sounds serious. But also…sweet?

from “National Anthem”
If you believe you are the coolest, you will be the coolest.

from “Carmen”
We all know a Carmen. Not sure if we all know a Coney Island Queen though. Those are rare.

from “This Is What Makes Us Girls”
Makes me want to put on a black bikini top and yell at cops now!

from “Blue Jeans”
Even though James Dean died in a car accident…okay.

from “Video Games”
Rey describes her whole vibe/scene in 3 lines.

from “Diet Mountain Dew”
Not sure what Diet Mountain Dew has to do with a bustling metropolis, but I’ll take it.

from “Radio”
Rey reflects on her f******* happiness of being a famous radio singer.

from “Gods and Monsters”
Oh, whoa. Told you she doesn’t hold back.

from “Pepsi Cola”
So…how does that actually…okay…umm…what?


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