‘America’s Got Talent’ auditions in Chicago & San Antonio

July 03 20:46 2013

The auditions continue in Chicago and San Antonio! The first act of the night is Kelsey & Bailey. They are a super cute dog act. Kelsey is 17 years old. They did a dance act. The dog would do tricks and would walk backwards. The dig was well trained. Everyone loved it. Howie thinks America is going to love them. The whole audience would awe. Heidi loved it. The judges give her and Bailey a big yes. Following this adorable act, the judges sent a juggling family and a singer to Vegas as well. Next up was David Ferman he is a student, 19 years old. His act is juggling. He starts off juggling about 8 balls at once. He then juggles a toxic liquid bottle on a balloon which is set on a stick which is held by his teeth. If he drops it, the whole stage could catch on fire. Howard gets up his seat and walks away from the stage. Then Heidi hides under the table. He manages to juggle the liquid, then the balloon pops and the liquid bottle lands on the stick his teeth are holding. Everyone was scared. He eventually drops the bottle on a tub and it explodes. The audience got up and applauded. Howard loved the combination of danger and juggling. Heidi loved how different his act was. Howie would love to see him in Las Vegas. The judges send him straight through!

The following act were the Chicago boyz. They are an acrobatic act. They use a big jump rope and they do tricks like summer salting and just running in and out of it. The most shocking part was when they used the only small child as a jump rope. The judges stood up and applauded. Heidi said they brought the house down, she loves their vibe and energy. Mel B said from the start to end it was unique and captivating. Howie said they brought it home. Howard loved it as well. The coach came out and he was really proud of them. The judges give them a big fat yes to Vegas!
Next up were a Dj and rapper, they are both 10 year old girls. They met 3 months ago. They’re group name is 2unique. They were so good. These girls are 10 years old, I cannot believe it. Mel B loved it and said they have attitude and swag. Howard said they might be the next big thing. They are something different, adorable and talented. That is a good mix for Vegas! The next few acts were also sent to Vegas a dancing acrobatic group, a 12 year old singer, and another dance group. Sully Dunn is the next act, he is an interesting young man. He’s 18 and he seems shy. Mel B there’s something quirky and likable about him. Howie said there’s something weirdly wonderful about him. Heidi called him unusual young man. Howard said he feels like he’s in his daughter college dorm. He kept moving on stage, he was pacing back and forth. He’s a unique act. He got 3 yeses so he’s going to Vegas!

Branden James was up next, he’s an opera singer. Howard asked him what makes him different from the rest, and he said it’s his emotion he puts into it. He shared his story how he is openly gay but his family does not support him. When he sings you can see his emotion and its beautiful. Heidi said she had goose bumps, Mel B said he was incredible. Howie said praised his mom. Heidi gives him an absolute yes. They all give him a yes, and he’s sent to Vegas.

Here comes the not so good acts. Spontaneous art, the man behind this act is Trevor and he trains cats. He calls upon his cat and it’s a huge cat, it may be electronic. It sings and throws a hair ball, then it poops. More bad acts come. A wrestling group, it was more like adult men rolling around. Then a bad comedian. Then a guy comes on stage and claims to teach everyone how to Samba. So he asks everyone to stand up. The judges start dancing and they all start to dance all over the stage. Chicago has gone mad.

David Fenley is the next act. He has a guitar and will be singing. He’s really good. He has a sort of raspy voice. He’s so good. Howie loved him. Mel B did too. They send him to Vegas! The following act is Dylan Wilson is a hip hop dancer. Howard was mesmerized and really liked it. Mel B told him he went from a regular kid to hot and sexy. Howie thought it was inventive, surprising, a diamond on the rough. His dancing was so good almost comedic as well. They send him to Vegas!
Hunk O mania’s International Men of Steel they are some sort of dance striptease. The ladies went wild. The guys gave them an X. It’s a no for them.

Next up Little Mike and Funny Bone, they are two short guys who sing and dance. They are actually really good. They’re silly but good. Howard said he was not expected to sit there and like it. Howie loved the song. Mel B hated and loved it. The song is catchy it’s an original song called the rain dance. They seem more of a novelty. The judges give them a yes, so off to Vegas they go!

The last act of the night were the American Hitmen, they are a rock band and former marines. These guys are so good. I can easily see them perform in a venue like the House of Blues. All four judges stood up. I really enjoyed it. The crowd loved them as well. Howard said he’s been waiting for two seasons for a great band and he said he might have found them. Mel B called them great musicians and loved their chemistry. Four yeses! Vegas bound!

America;s Got Talent airs Tuesday night’s on NBC.



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