Franklin and Bash: Good Lovin’ Recap

We open on Jared and Peter playing beach volleyball. Then. Peter gets a call that his mother has been arrested…for prostitution.

Shoot to Peter and Jared going to see Colleen, Peter’s mother [played by Jane Seymour] in lockup. She’s counseling the other prostitutes in her cell. When she sees Peter and Jared, she tells them that she isn’t a prostitute…she’s a

Shoot to Jared and Peter talking to Colleen privately. Peter tells her that he thought she was running a plant nursery. Colleen explains that the drought caused everything to dry up and she lost her lease. She then says one of her nursery clients was a surrogate and said Colleen could “shadow” her. When Colleen saw how she was helping people, her customer said she “was a natural, started referring clients to me and it took off from there.” Peter then asks Colleen if she has sex for money and she replies that she doesn’t have sex “with most of my clients.” Jared then asks Colleen’s arrest and if she offered sex for money. She replies that the client “wanted it but I said ‘We’ll see’ and clarifies that “if his treatment called for it and he was ready to examine his intimacy issues.” Colleen then mentions that she’s doing this in her house, which horrifies Peter. Then, as she explains how she got arrested, Peter says he’s going to have a stroke. Then, the DA arrives. Jared and Peter tell Colleen that they will sort everything out and that they posted her bail, Peter adds that she shouldn’t talk to anyone and Colleen apologizes for dragging Peter into the situation.

Shoot to Jared tracking down Ellen Swatello, the DA prosecuting Colleen’s case in a bar. It’s clear that Ellen REALLY dislikes Jared. He tells her that Colleen is Peter’s mother and she starts to laugh. Jared explains that Colleen is a sex surrogate and Ellen replies that she’ll probably get probation and a fine since it’s her first offense but that she’ll also have to register as a sex offender. Jared objects to that, says that he knows Colleen isn’t a hooker and that someone is obviously trying to “make an example out of her but I don’t know why.” Ellen then says she will talk to her supervisor to see if she can get the case dismissed. Jared thanks Ellen and gets up to leave but she stops him by saying that he “shouldn’t read anything into it.” She then goes on to say that she “hates my job a little more than I hate you.” Jared then asks her if she wants to talk about it. They end up having drinks together as Ellen vents about being “a damn good prosecutor” but that everyone keeps getting promoted while she’s stuck in vice. Jared then unwittingly hits in Ellen and she says, “After the day I’ve had, no the year. Let’s go, my place.” Jared is shocked.

Shoot to Jared and Ellen having “hate sex” at her apartment but nit before Ellen tells Jared that it can only happen this one time. He agrees saying after they can go back to hating each other.

Shoot to the firm’s office the next day. Peter is looking up the legal difference between sex surrogacy and prostitution on his laptop. Jared arrives looking very happy as Peter tells him that the legal difference between the two is clear and they just have to “prove that my mom was trying to educate not gratify.” Jared then replies that might not even be necessary. Peter can sense Jared had sex and is surprised when he tells him who with. Then, Stanton comes in and can also tell that Jared had sex. Stanton then starts to tell the guys about his “first time” when Peter gets buzzed that Ellen is there. Jared makes Peter and Stanton swear not to let on that they know that he and Ellen slept together. They agree as Ellen comes in but she can tell from their demeanor that Jared told them. She then tells them that her supervisor won’t drop the prostitution charge against Colleen then leaves.

Shoot to Jared, Peter and Colleen at the courthouse. Colleen wants to testify but Peter is against it because because of her prior misdemeanor charge. Colleen then says she needs a donut and mentions how she always gave Peter plenty of Oreos as a kid and he got straight A’S, Peter then adds that he was also weighed 180 pounds in the 4th grade. Jared tells Colleen that he and Peter will meet her in court as he tells Peter that in order for them to represent her, he needs to treat her as their client not his mother.

Shoot to Jared and Peter running into Ellen’s boss, Peter Hewitt, outside the courtroom. Hewitt was the one who ratted on Peter for sleeping with a senior partner’s daughter, tells Peter that he’s enjoying his predicate and that Colleen “earned her arrest and will earn her conviction” then leaves.

Shoot to Rachel going to Damien’s office. She tells him that Judge Henry Dinsdale is retiring and that his endorsement would help Damien be named his replacement. She adds that she put in a good word with him with Dinsdale, gives him his number and tells him to take him out for drinks. Damien thanks her.

Shoot to Jared and Peter questioning the officer who arrested Colleen. Peter asks the officer how many prostitution arrests he makes and how many claim to be “sex surrogates.” The officer replies are claiming to be surrogates to “avoid detection.” Peter then asks the officer if he was wearing a wire when Colleen supposedly offered sex in exchange for money. The officer replies that he wasn’t. Peter then asks how the jury could believe him and has no more questions. Ellen then asks the officer if Colleen has an assistant. He says she does. She goes on to say that Colleen “pays people to market her sex trade.” ,She then turns and looks at Hewitt, who nods. Then, Ellen dismisses the prostitution charge against Colleen and instead charges her with breaking penal code 266. Colleen asks Peter what that means and he tells her that she’s now being charged as a pimp.

Shoot to outside the courtroom. Rachel arrives and introduces herself to Colleen then asks to speak to Jared and Peter alone. She tells them that she know Jared slept with Ellen and asks Jared to use that to get info from Ellen on Colleen’s case. Jared reluctantly agrees but says he won’t sleep with Ellen again.

Shoot to Jared and Ellen sleeping together again. When she goes to shower, Jared looks at her legal pad. When she comes out, he quickly leaves. She didn’t see what he was looking at. Alone, Jared calls someone to tell them that he thinks he knows what Colleen’s case is really about.

Shoot to Damien having dinner with Dinsdale. Dinsdale knows Damien wants his endorsement to succeed him when he retires. Dinsdale tells Damien to meet him Wednesday so he could introduce him to some people who could be helpful if Damien wants to succeed him.

Shoot to Jared going to see Pindar. He tells him he saw a note about Colleen’s client list on Ellen’s legal pad and asks him to investigate a name on Colleen’s list he didn’t recognize, Tim Lawson.

Shoot to Peter telling Colleen that he can get her case dismissed if she turns over her client list. She refuses despite Peter telling her that she’ll face jail if she doesn’t. She then tells him about his father, how she wasn’t honest with him about who she was so he got bored and left her. Peter says that he left both of them. Colleen then says the honesty she has with her clients is what makes being a surrogate so rewarding.

Shoot to Pindar finding the guys after they’ve been surfing. He tells them that Tim Lawson is a fake name and he’s really Harrison Gingold, LA county DA.

Shoot to Jared, Peter and Colleen going to see Gingold. Peter asks him why he brought charges against Colleen. He replies that he didn’t, Hewitt found out and wants his job. Peter asks him dismiss the charges against Colleen. Gingold says it’s out of his hands and that dismissing the case would “raise more questions then it would solve.” Peter then gives him a subpoena for him to testify but Gingold says he has “executive privilege,” which gives him immunity to testify. He apologizes to Colleen but Peter says if he was really sorry he’d help.

Shoot to Rachel and Colleen talking. Rachel starts talking about her personal life and how she hasn’t had sex in six years. Then, suddenly, Colleen kisses her as Jared and Peter walk in. Then, Colleen gets a call from a client and has to talk him down from having a prolonged erection. While listening to her talk, Peter has an idea.

Shoot to Dinsdale asking Damien to set him up on a date with Rachel.

Shoot to the courtroom. The guys refuse to hand over Colleen’s client list and cites doctor-patient privilege. They add that they want to make new law and that some of Colleen’s clients have agreed to testify how much she helped them. The judge agrees to let the guys try to “make law” but just wants to hear Colleen’s testimony.

Shoot to Jared being late for court because he was sleeping with Ellen again so Peter has to question Coleen. Peter asks Colleen to describe a “success story.” She talks about one of her first clients, a woman who was ready to divorce her husband and they had gone to a marriage counselor who didn’t help. She goes on to say how she helped them learn how to communicate with each other and they are now expecting they’re second child. She then adds that what she does has very little to do with sex and if she knew what she knows now, she maybe could have saved her own family. Peter says their family was fine and tells Colleen that he loves her. Colleen tells Peter that she loves him too. The judge then rules that Colleen is a doctor and can keep her client list confidential.

Shoot to Damien going to see Rachel. She knows that Dinsdale wanted Damien to set her up with him. She threatens Damien that he better fix it.

Shoot to Ellen going to see the guys and telling them that Hewitt transferred her to oversee traffic court as punishment but she copied his emails on a zip drive before she left. After she leaves, Peter looks at the zip drive, which has incriminating evidence against Hewitt but it was illegally obtained and Hewitt has “executive privilege.”

Shoot to the courtroom as the guys call Hewitt to the stand. He cites his “executive privilege”that he doesn’t have to testify. But, the guys produce a memo from Gingold denoting Hewitt for trying to oust him so Hewitt no longer has “executive privilege.” The judge then demands he take the stand but instead, he dismisses all of the charges against Colleen.

Shoot to Stanton going to see Dinsdale. He blackmailed him with talk of a incident in a hotel in Nashville and tells him to give Damien his endorsement.

Shoot to the guys throwing a party for Colleen. Peter tells he’s proud of her and what she does.

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