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July 29 09:54 2013

Friends is known as one of the best and most popular comedy sitcoms in history. The show ran from 1994 – 2004 and in those years jokes were told, laughs were had, and memories were made.

The show followed six friends living in New York who are struggling to make it in the real world and are presented with challenges in their careers, their relationships, and friendships. Each character has their own unique personality.

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Anniston, started a girl relying on daddy’s credit cart but then became a self-sufficient, mature adult. Rachel lives in an apartment with high school best friend Monica Geller, played by Courtney Cox. Monica is a compulsive neat freak, who has trouble finding Mr. Right. Her brother Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, is a paleontologist and is in love with Rachel. He spends two seasons trying to win over the girl of his dreams but then looses her until season 10. Phoebe Buffay, played by Lisa Kudrow, lived her life on the streets and is crazy but loveable hippy. Joey Tribiani, played by Matt Lablanc, is a struggling actor and lives off of meatball subs and a string of one-night-stands. Joey is roommates with Chandler Bing.

Chandler Bing is played by Matthew Perry, and is a sarcastic, commitment phobe data processer. He uses his wit and smarts to hide his feelings. Through out the seasons Chandler matures but he never loses his clever sense of humor. Chandler is often the favorite out of the six because of his quick remarks and horrible dance skills.

10. ‘Homo Habilis was erect’

In this season two episode Ross was arguing with a co-worker from the museum he worked at about a display gone wrong. Chandler joins the conversation with what he thinks is the reason for the problem.

9. The psycho *finally* leaves

Chandler gets a new roommate when Joey moves out in season two. The new roommate’s sanity is questioned after he watches Chandler sleep and has a goldfish cracker as a pet. Start watching at 1:14.

8. Donald Duck

While waiting for everyone to get ready to go to an event for Ross’ work in season three, Chandler ponders the question of Donald Duck’s lack of pants to Phoebe.

7. You almost killed me!

Joey decides to make an entertainment center in their living room but gets a little careless with the electric drill. Chandler does not seem to enjoy the new addition to their apartment.

6. The third nipple to Narnia

In this season three episode a lot of secrets are told by all of the friends. One person spills that Chandler has a third nipple. However, Chandler fights the rest of the gang’s teasing with another hilariously sarcastic comment about the secret door to Narnia.

5. Handle on the situation

Ross and Rachel are fighting once again after their break up. Monica, Joey, and Phoebe can’t stand it anymore but C‘handle’r avoids the awkward feeling with a comments that keeps the audience laughing.

4. British Accent

Ross is dating Emily, who is British and whenever Chandler is around Emily he can’t help but mimic her accent.

3. Whipped

Ross is getting married, again, and he is running all over town doing errands. Chandler attempts to make fun of him being whipped but it seems he can’t even do that correctly.

2. No more jokes

Everyone is getting tired of Chandler making fun of the them so, Ross bets him he can’t go one week without making fun of them. Chandler takes the bet but it is more difficult than he originally thought.

1. I will survive

Chandler is the least manly one between the three guys. He lets Ross beat him in an arm wresting contest, doesn’t enjoy watching sports, and is criticized for not being strong enough to beat up another person. Chandler shows his humor and his feminine side while singing in his helium voice.




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