Top 10 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Meredith/Cristina Moments

July 14 15:15 2013

This is for all the twisted sisters out there, and especially for my person.

Grey’s Anatomy is filled with heart-stopping, heartfelt, or just plain bloody open-heart moments, and there are plenty of relationships to love (Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen, April/Jackson…). But romances fall apart as doctors change, leave, or die, and the best relationship is still the original friendship: Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang. Meredith’s attempts to be happy and good in spite of her dark, twisty life, and Cristina’s biting sarcasm and contempt for almost everyone, make them the perfect pair. Below are the best 10 moments of their 9 seasons together.

Disclaimer: this list only includes moments that could be found on Youtube

10. Season 1, Episode 5: Shake Your Groove Thing Meredith & Cristina’s Dance
This is the beginning of the M/C “dance it out” tradition. It’s how the twisted sisters get rid of—or figure out—their twisty feelings. After a long day at the hospital, worried that she might get kicked out of the Seattle Grace program, Meredith returns home to find a raging party; with three words, Cristina makes it okay. This is how best friends work, and it’s the start of an awesome relationship.

9. Season 2, Episode 16: It’s the End of the World Tough Love Sympathy
When Meredith “has a feeling” and won’t go to work, George and Izzy, two of her closest friends (and housemates) can’t do a thing about it—but Cristina can. Of course, this is Cristina, so even though she will be Meredith’s Feeling Doctor for the sake of the M/C relationship, she has to do it with stone-cold skepticism. It’s the epitome of the two personalities.

8. Season 5, Episode 24: Now or Never “I Love You” & Hug
First, there had to be a “seriously?” in here somewhere, and it might as well be about Meredith and Derek. Meredith and Cristina often talk about how they’ve grown together like gnarled trees, and this scene exemplifies it; Meredith can say “I love you” to her prickly friend, and Cristina…well, at least now Cristina understands it’s the right moment for a hug, and is capable of initiating it, even if she’s not quite sure how it works yet. Sometimes, it’s the little things, like the smiles on their faces.

7. Season 9, Episode 21: Sleeping Monster “Poop on the Table”
Not only is this about the things Meredith and Cristina are willing to do for each other—like watch the “miracle of life,” pooping and all—but about the M/C relationship, how they get each other, and how they will always be closer to each other than even their husbands. Regardless of Cristina’s posturing, she knows what Meredith needs, and she’ll be there.

6. Season 6, Episode 16: Perfect Little Accident Cheer Up, Twisted Sisters, & Bloodlines
When Cristina is having a bad day, Meredith knows exactly what to do to cheer her up, and she won’t hesitate to do it, even if it means throwing her half-sister under the bus. Meredith understands that when Cristina disses her, it’s meant lovingly, and all part of C’s honesty. They have their twisted sister connection, and though the people around them might not get it, they’re happy to be monsters together. Even if Cristina can be facetious.

5. Season 2, Episode 3: Make Me Lose Control Insults, Stupidity & Crying
We’ve all been in this situation: the best friend convinces you to do something you know you’ll probably hate…but you’ll do it anyway, because she probably needs it and you might too. We all have special ways of saying “I love you,” to the best friend. And we’ve all asked a bestie a stupid question and immediately realized it doesn’t apply. C/M go jogging, Cristina is skeptical of the benefits of crying, and Meredith understands.

4. Season 6, Episode 22: Shiny Happy People Meredith’s Bed, Christina’s Room
With this one, it’s about the little things again. M/C are such good friends, the husband knows he’s kicked out without anyone saying a word. Meredith knows that Cristina needs distraction, and how to accomplish that. And though Cristina maybe isn’t great with emotive words, Meredith can cuddle without questioning. So sweet, so perfect.

3. Season 9, Episode 7: I Was Made for Lovin’ You Teasing & Sister Talk
Without any explanation, introduction, or pauses, M/C can have a deeply important conversation about love, life, and change: that’s how invested in each other’s lives they are. Meredith can call Cristina’s crap without hurting her, and because she’s there, Cristina is reassured. Bonus clip: just for laughs, to begin the video, Cristina and Meredith make fun of April together, because that’s what best friends do sometimes (from the same episode).

2. Season 2, Episode 1: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head “You’re My Person”
Almost nothing sums up M/she C as well as this. Cristina is vulnerable and scared, which she hates. It forces her to admit, however unwillingly, that Meredith is her person , something that goes beyond best friends or adopted family. She’s even willing to put up with Meredith acting kind of like a puppy dog about it, and endure a little hugging. If I had to pick one scene to explain twisted sisterhood, it would be this. Unless it were…

1. Season 3, Episode 17: Some Kind of Miracle “Ouch” & “I’m Getting Married”
This. It’s never plainer what M/C are to each other than when Cristina almost loses Meredith. Cristina is the reason Meredith lives (before the start of the clip, she forces the doctors to give her one last chance), and everyone around them knows that even Derek takes second place to Cristina sometimes. But Cristina doesn’t care. This relationship, for once, isn’t about competition or power for Cristina—it’s about being her person, and having a person. The looks on their faces when Meredith wakes up are priceless.

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