Top Ten Luke Bryan Songs

July 17 16:34 2013

Country singer and songwriter Luke Bryan has a voice smoother than honey that backs up with creative and up-beat lyrics. Add in a smile that can melt an iceberg and he has the whole package.

Bryan started his career writing songs for Billy Currington and Travis Tritt. He continues writing songs, co-writing the majority of his music, but has also evolved into a highly successful performer. Luke does it all, from country rock to romantic ballads to songs about rural life.

In honor of his 37th birthday, here is a list of Luke Bryan’s top ten songs.

10) “Dirt Road Diary”

Bryan first played this song for his fans on his 2012 Farm Tour. Following its success, it became the inspiration for his Dirt Road Diaries tour. Bryan describes the miles and miles put on his Chevy truck as his life, emphasizing different milestones in his life. Instead of writing a diary, he remembers things as “just a dusty memory lane in my head.” His memories are measured by the things that happened while tearing up dirt roads, riding around in his truck. The captivating tune puts a spin on recalling events from the past.

9) Country Girl (Shake it for Me) – Tailgates and Tanlines

Released March 2011, this is the first song featured on his album Tailgates and Tanlines. Bryan didn’t release this song until his fans responded so positively to it when he played in concert. This song has country girls dancing and shaking it everywhere, whether it be in the bed of a truck, on a farm or at the local bar. The music video features Bryan playing the song while a group of girls audition. The point of the audition in the video is to show that a country girl can hold her own and rise above all the city girls.

8) “All My Friends Say” – I’ll Stay Me

Bryan’s debut single was released in January 2007. Bryan sings about waking up the morning after a wild night of drinking and partying. After asking his friends, he pieces together his night, which hit the fan after he sees a former lover at the bar with someone else. This is an up-tempo country song that most people can really relate to at some point in their life. Bryan does a great job of portraying that “rock star, party hard, gettin’ over you comeback kid.”

7) “Rain is a Good Thing” – Doin’ My Thing
Released in January 2010, “Rain” became Bryan’s first number-one hit. Dallas Davidson helped Bryan write this and a few other songs. Bryan tells us how important rain is, since it contributes to the growth of corn, which makes whiskey, which then makes “his baby feel a little frisky.” He puts a unique spin on the small farm town story and makes it catchy and interesting. The beginning of the music video features several farmers confirming that rain is such a necessary element for them.

6) “Chuggin’ Along” – Doin’ My Thing

This song is straight from Bryan’s second album, which was released in October, 2009. Co-written with Roney Clawson, this up-beat song quickly became a hit among Luke’s fans. Bryan tells us there are good days and bad days in life, and gives us great advice so those more cloudy times. When you’re having a rough day, just tell yourself to “keep going and thank God for what you have.” This can easily be the soundtrack to so many people’s lives.

5) “Tackle Box” – I’ll Stay Me

Co-written with Joe Doyle, “Tackle Box” is the last song featured on Bryan’s 2007 album. The song starts describing fishing trips that the singer went on with his grandfather. He got to use his grandpa’s tackle box and listen to stories. We then find out that Grandpa has been gone for twenty years, and the singer’s only wish is to go fishing one more time with his grandfather. Although this song is not very well-known, it is a staple for anyone who’s lost a loved one and holds on to memories of traditions with them. Bryan’s soothing voice will bring tears to your eyes as you remember those cherished memories.

4) “Do I” – Doin’ My Thing

This hit came out in May 2009. Lady Antebellum contributed majorly to this hit – Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley helped Bryan write the song while Hillary Scott sings backup in the song. The lyrics and music video tell the story of a couple that loves each other but needs to work out several issues. People change, and sometimes relationships die out, but Bryan pleads that “I just want us back to the way we were before.” Sadly, the story isn’t really resolved on this one.

3) “Crash My Party” – Crash My Party

Bryan’s eleventh single was released in April 2013. Although Bryan may sound a bit desperate and clingy in this song, I think every girl wishes that he would drop everything for them. The catchy chorus and sincere lyrics make this song a hit.

2) “I Don’t Want This Night to End” – Tailgates and Tanlines

Released in September 2011, this song quickly became a sing-along favorite. The catchy and tune makes everyone who listens want to put their hands up and rock along with Bryan. In the music video, Bryan falls for a girl before going on the road. This girl catches his eye, they spend an amazing night together, one that he doesn’t want to end.

1) “Drunk On You” – Tailgates & Tanlines

Written by Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear and released in February 2012, this song became Bryan’s fourth number-one country single. He creates a love story for us that is a bit more creative than your average country song. The music video for “Drunk on You” is the sequel to the video for “I Don’t Want This Night to End.” The cheesy story continues, but it stays consistent and will make any girl’s heart melt. One thing is for sure, though – the catchy and relatable tune will make you want to “roll down the windows, turn it on up.”

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