‘Wilfred’ Season 3 – ‘Delusion’


This episode of ‘Wilfred’ tackles something that has been present since the pilot of the series–Ryan’s feelings for Jenna. Ryan gets an email about Jenna’s “surprise” 30th birthday party planned by her husband, Drew (Chris Klein from ‘American Pie’). Drew advertises that corndogs and his Sheboygan beer.

Ryan believes that Jenna is going to be upset about the outcome of this party and that he’ll talk to Drew about helping him plan it. Wilfred advises Ryan not to get involved at all, because Ryan just wants that hug of gratitude from Jenna. Wilfred just wants Ryan to tell Jenna about his feelings.

Like all episodes, Ryan ignores Wilfred’s advice and approaches Drew about maybe making it a fiesta with mexican food catered from Jenna’s favorite restaurant. Drew agrees, but is skeptical about the theme because he doesn’t like tacos.

Meanwhile Wilfred has become aware of his old age, 63 years old in dog years, and wants to immortalize himself in the form of a memoir. He makes Ryan agree to help him write it, but when Ryan gets distracted by planning Jenna’s party, he takes action. Ryan wakes up with Wilfred’s shock-collar on his neck.

He spends the entire day blowing off planning the party while he writes Wilfred’s novel about how he saved the world from an alien invasion, while Wilfred threatens him with the shock collar controller.

Ryan is finally able to join the party, now going on in his backyard, but with only corndogs and beer. Wilfred makes Ryan hand Jenna his memoir, which Ryan thinks will make him seem crazy. Ryan tells her it’s a joke and a kid’s book, so Jenna makes him read it out loud to a group of children.

In a twist, Wilfred changed the work that Ryan did all day and kept the original version, which was very G-rated.

Jenna tells Ryan that it’s the sweetest present she’s ever gotten and Ryan realizes in that moment that he either needs to tell her the truth or pull away from the friendship.

Not surprisingly, he picks the latter option and goes to smoke weed in his basement, giving Jenna the excuse that he feels sick.

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