Top 10 Demi Lovato songs

August 20 15:25 2013

It only feels like yesterday when we all witnessed young Demi Lovato rock the stage in the Disney Original, Camp Rock! And who could forget when we first found out about Lovato and Selena Gomez’s casting in Barney?

Today marks Lovato’s 21st Birthday and in honour of her special day, we have made a Top 10 list of our favorite songs! Feel free to leave your favourites in the comments below!

10. We Rock
Lovato’s first ever song released on an actual album was “We Rock” alongside The Jonas Brothers and her cast-mates in Camp Rock! Little did she know that her career would take such a huge turn and propel her to stardom.

9. Every Time You Lie
Released in 2009, the initial reception of Here We Go Again was generally good. Within the album, songs were mostly about heartbreaks and relationships. “Every Time You Lie” was the seventh song of the album.

8. The Gift of a Friend
“The Gift of a Friend” was featured on Disney’s animation, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure and used as a bonus track on Lovato’s album, Here We Go Again.

7. Send It On
Aside from her busy schedule and constant recordings, Lovato also recorded a charity single for Disney alongside the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. The group was named “Disney Friends for a Change” and the charity single was titled “Send It On”.

6. Remember December
Young Lovato took a turn when she released “Remember December” as it tilted towards the edgy and rock overtone.

5. Heart Attack
Recently released, “Heart Attack” was most certainly well-received. This single was named the third-highest opening-sales single after Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” and Ariana Grande’s “The Way” and made it’s way to Top 10 very soon after the release.

4. Give Your Heart A Break
Typically, this song’s lyrics revolved around a heartbroken girl who is afraid to commit once more. The relatable and moving lyrics propelled this song to #16 on Billboards.

3. Don’t Forget
“Don’t Forget” was certainly a song that showed Lovato’s mature side and many say that this was when she managed to rid the “Disney image”. She performed this song first on Ellen which helped her promote this song even more.

2. Skyscraper
A milestone for Lovato is without doubt her encounter with rehabilitation in 2010. When she was released in 2011, Lovato went straight back to the recording studios and re-recorded “Skyscraper”. This song most certainly revealed her emotions and the fragile side of Lovato in which she is willing to embrace and conquer.

1. La La Land
Coming in first is Lovato’s confident single, “La La Land”. This song mimicked the stereotypical Hollywood stars and constantly reminds us all to stay true to ourselves no matter what we are doing. The entire song revolved around Hollywood and even featured Sonny with a Chance co-stars! Definitely a fun and inspiring music video to watch!

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