Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies

August 27 21:49 2013

Ben Affleck has been casted as Batman. People freaked out. I get it- its something new. We’re so used to Christian Bale and his rough voice. Change is hard. But, we’ll never know until we give him a chance.

Ben may be the worst Batman in the history of superheroes ever. However, to be the worst, he has some competition. Below are the top ten worst superhero movies. These movies are so bad that we wanted the villian to win.

What makes a superhero movie bad? Well, obviously, plot. Some of the super hero movies below are so bad that you know exactly what is going to happen or some of it just doesn’t make sense. The second problem with the below movies is casting. Just because someone is good looking doesn’t mean that they’re going to make a good superhero. Beyond that, if you’re going to play a super hero, you have to be able to act like a super hero and not just a kid in a suit.

10. Superman Returns
The only Superman film on the list is the beginning of the list. Superman was weak in this film and the whole movie seemed like a giant snoozefest.

9. Batman Forever
This film felt like it lasted forever. The story moved so slowly and the actors were too over the top.

8. Supergirl
I wanted to like this movie. A powerful woman saving the world is a great story. The plot had major holes and Supergirl wasn’t very super. Maybe they can remake this.

7. Green Lantern

Goes to show you that, just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean that you’ll make a good hero. Ryan should have never put on that ring.

6. Fantastic Four
How was there more than one of these films? While the sequels were worse than the original, the first was pretty bad.

5. Hulk
You know your movie is terrible when they recast Hulk for The Avengers film.

4. Spiderman 3
The first one was great! The second was ok. The third was unacceptable. With shadow Spiderman and everything- it was overwhelming.

3. Daredevil
Ok, maybe we should worry about Ben as Batman. Daredevil was pretty bad. Actually, not pretty bad- really bad. And the spin-off Elektra was terrible as well. The only good thing that came out of this movie was a Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck relationship. Who doesn’t love Jen and Ben?

2. Catwoman
Can I just ask this: why are all of the female superheroes always half naked? This film was just bad.

1. Batman and Robin
Oh the bat nipples… This George Clooney flick had so much going on. There was Robin and then another Cat Girl. On top of that, there was Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze? Not that anyone could notice because we were all too busy staring at Clooney’s freaky-weird bat nipples.

So which is the worst? Or the best?


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