Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies

Ben Affleck has been casted as Batman. People freaked out. I get it- its something new. We’re so used to Christian Bale and his rough voice. Change is hard. But, we’ll never know until we give him a chance.

Affleck might possibly become the worst Batman in the history of superheroes ever, but he’ll have some stiff competition. Below are the top ten worst superhero movies. These movies are so bad that we wanted the villain to win.

What makes a superhero movie bad? Well, obviously, plot. Some of the super hero movies below are so bad that you know exactly what is going to happen or some of it just doesn’t make sense. The second problem with the below movies is casting. Just because someone is good looking doesn’t mean that they’re going to make a good superhero. Beyond that, if you’re going to play a super hero, you have to be able to act like a super hero and not just a kid in a suit.

10. Superman Returns

The only Superman film on the list is the beginning of the list. Superman was weak in this film and the whole movie seemed like a giant snoozefest.

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