THRIVE Farmers Coffee

Quality Arabica coffee has gotten expensive yet a lot of hard-working farmers barely make enough money to survive. THRIVE Farmers realized this disparity and connects independent coffee house and retail customers with farmers to create a fair market alternative to the supposedly Fair Trade model.

THRIVE Farmers isn’t just about making coffee growing a sustainable business or to even the playing ground for small producers. It’s about sharing the love for coffee with coffee drinkers around the world.

With THRIVE Farmers you can enjoy rich, freshly roasted coffee from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras. They also offer premium grade coffees with 87 and above cupping scores in their Estate & Reserve collection, a delicious treat for diehard coffee drinkers.

THRIVE Farmers is all about coffee and the people who grow and harvest the beans. Each bag of coffee features the farmer’s profile putting a face with your favorite drink.

To help share their passion for the perfectly brewed cup of coffee, there’s the THRIVE Coffee Club. Club members enjoy freshly roasted coffee every month. They also get priority order fulfillment on limited edition coffees, and exclusive offering on micro-lot coffee. Club members also enjoy discounts on brewing equipment and merchandise, as well as discounts on upcoming THRIVE Origin Trips to see coffee making at the source.

Visit to learn more about this exciting company and the perfect cup of coffee.

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