Top 10 Sexiest Actresses

September 03 03:20 2013
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There is no denying that Hollywood is the mecca for all things beautiful. Both on and off the screen, these gorgeous stars captivate us with their knock-out bodies, impeccable style, and of course, incredible talent.

Top 10

Image courtesy of Joe Yamakawa

Sexy Hollywood men aside, here we narrow it down to just the ladies, so many of whom make our jaws drop on a regular basis. From our televisions, with the beloved, glam television drama Gossip Girl, to the big screens, with films like the dark, sensual thriller Black Swan these beauties rock our worlds in whatever roles they take on. Year after year, new sexy actresses grace the big screen and steal our hearts away, making it no no easy feat to choose just 10 gorgeous ladies for the list. In the end, though, there is no doubt that these 10 really do blow the rest out of the water as the Top 10 Sexiest Actresses.


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