‘Ravenswood’ Recap: Death and the Maiden

Last week’s pilot episode of Ravenswood ended in the worst kind of cliffhanger and left us all to ask the same question: Who’s going to die?

After a week of waiting, we got our answer last night. Caleb, Remy, Olivia, and Luke are still alive. Miranda Collins is dead. However, even though she’s dead, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s gone.

At the hospital, doctors tried to revive Miranda, as she was the only one out of the five who was unresponsive. Remy swears that the accident wasn’t her fault because Miranda had grabbed the steering wheel. Caleb keeps on insisting that Miranda must have seen something, but Remy swears that the road was clear (if a dead girl standing the middle of the road constitutes as the road being clear, then yes, yes it was).

Chief-of-police, Tom Beddington arrives at the hospital just as Remy’s parents arrive. Remy’s father is not pleased to see Luke or Olivia and tells them to stay away from Remy. Luke and Olivia’s mother arrives and upon hearing what happened from Chief Beddington, she turns to look at Remy and repeatedly asks her if she was driving, which does not please Remy’s father.

Caleb goes down into the hospital’s morgue hoping to take a look at Miranda and is upset when the doctor refers to Miranda as a “Jane Doe”. Caleb asks if he can just sit there and the doctor agrees. After leaving to get Caleb a sandwich, Caleb picks up a folder containing Miranda’s personal belongings such as her phone, money, and her lipstick. Caleb dumps the contents onto the table and just as he does, a rattling, banging sound comes from the door containing Miranda’s body, the radio mysteriously turns on, and a nickel stands upright on the counter. Everything goes back to normal just as Miranda’s uncle opens the door to the morgue.

Raymond (Miranda’s uncle), being Miranda’s only next of kin, is allowed to take Miranda’s body from the morgue. As he’s wheeling her body out to his car where Mrs. Grunwald is waiting for him, Remy and her parents along with Olivia, Luke, and their mother, are also leaving the hospital. Mrs. Grunwald convinces Raymond to let Caleb come with them as, “he has nowhere” (uhh, what about Rosewood and Hanna?). Before getting into the car, Raymond turns to watch Olivia and Luke’s mother walking away behind her kids, which kind of makes you wonder if there’s some secret hidden there.

Caleb has a “dream” where he’s in the car and the song that was playing on the radio when the car went over the bridge, comes on and Miranda is sitting in the front seat (You’re lying if you say you didn’t think to yourself, “Wait, I thought she’s dead!”). She asks him if it feels like a dream in which Caleb says no. She tells him it must be something else, but she’s not sure. She then informs Caleb to get bag from Remy’s car because there’s stuff in there that he’ll need. Caleb asks Miranda what happened. Miranda turns back into her seat and replied, “That happened”, and we see the same dead girl in the middle of the road again. Caleb is scared awake.

Caleb and Mrs. Grunwald have a very weird conversation in where Mrs. Grunwald mentions that Hanna had been to Ravenswood looking for Alison, “but Alison’s gone and she’s not coming back” (one of those underlying messages or?). She also mentions that, “Miranda is elsewhere”, as if she knows what Caleb was “dreaming” about.

Remy sneaks out in the night to see Luke, who came to her house and threw pebbles at her window (Aww). The two are aware that neither of their parents want them communicating with one another. They spend their time kissing and holding onto each other.

Caleb is sitting in his room when Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass mysteriously drops to the floor from the dresser and multiple whispers echo throughout the room. A Caleb begins to read a passage that was highlighted, the whispering intensifies, and the mirror begins to violently shake as if an earthquake is happening. Down in the basement, Raymond is preparing Miranda’s body and just as he is about to cut into her, the mirror bursts into pieces, forming a circle around Caleb.

The next morning, Luke shows Olivia a letter their father wrote to their mother. Luke believes their mother was cheating on their father. He was alone at his office and she was the last person to see him and couldn’t explain her whereabouts to the police afterwards, which is why Luke thinks she did in fact kill him. Olivia rips the letter up and walks away, not wanting to believe any of it.

Caleb stands outside the high school on the phone with Hanna. He lies to Hanna and tells her that Miranda is with her uncle at that very moment (which is sort of true, he just didn’t include the part where she sorts, kinda died). He gets off the phone when he sees Remy. He asks her if there’s any way he can get the bag her car. Remy agrees to go with him to the junkyard later that day to get it.

Waiting at the coffee shop, Caleb is approached by Chief Beddington who in a nutshell tells him that there was a lot he didn’t know about Miranda and that he should go back home to Ravenswood.

Luke is in the weight room lifting a weight when the lights suddenly turn off and the weight he was lifting collapses on top of him, making it hard for him to breathe. It isn’t until Olivia’s boyfriend turns on the lights that he able to get the weight off.

Raymond and Mrs. Grunwald have a very weird, but very interesting question about Caleb maybe staying. At the end of their conversation, Mrs. Grunwald asks Raymond, “When you went to the hospital, how many bodies did you expect to find?” (What is up with this woman?). The look on Raymond’s face suggests he knows something.

Remy accompanies Caleb to the junkyard, despite Luke’s protest. The junkyard is closed so Caleb decides to jump the gate and ends up being chased by the junkyard dog. Luckily, Caleb is able to trap the dog inside a car. Caleb and Remy search the junkyard for her car. Remy brings up the whole “five people dying” pattern again. They find the car squeezed between two other cars. Caleb goes in search for something to break the windshield with. Remy is able to squeeze between her car and another car and insert half her body into the car just enough to be able to reach the bag. Suddenly, the radio blasts on, Remy is stuck, and the door to the car trapping the dog, slides open. Caleb makes it bag in time to save Remy, but now the two must run for their lives from the dog. They reach the gate, Caleb climbs over, but Remy falls down. Luke appears out of nowhere and saves her. Back on safe ground, Caleb gets in a scuffle with a very angry Luke.

It turns out Remy has a history of sleepwalking when her parents run out of the house to the street just as Remy is almost hit by a car. Olivia comes home and confronts her mother about whether or not she and her father were getting a divorce and whether or not there was someone else. Unwilling to answer the last part of her question, Olivia’s mother tells her to go to bed. As Olivia heads to the stairs, Luke is sitting there, having heard everything.

Caleb begins to read the letter that Miranda’s mother wrote her just before she was born and just as he finishes, ,i>poof,! Miranda is back! She tells him that she followed his voice. Caleb thinks this means that Miranda is alive, but she assures him that she’s dead. She tells him she died in the river and even though the doctors were trying to revive her in the hospital, she was already long gone. Miranda doesn’t know why, but she finds herself coming back to the house even though she’s dead. Caleb is confused as to why she’s still here if she’s really dead. Miranda asks Caleb if she can stay with him because she’s stuck and outside is scary. Caleb, of course, say yes.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this show so far. However, if you’re getting hooked on Ravenswood, be sure to tune in every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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