Top 10 improvised movie scenes

Some of the most famous movie scenes of all time cannot be credited to the film’s screenwriter or director, but rather to the actors themselves. When actors improv, it can create some of the most authentic scenes because, well, they truly are authentic.

Occasionally actors are asked to do this, but more often than not, they choose to stay in character even when something goes haywire on set. In one instance, an actor improvs when he is almost run over by a car, and in another, when a drunk extra enters the scene! In other cases, actors were simply goofing around with their lines and the other actors.

Instead of these scenes ending up in the bloopers, they are seen in the final cut of the movie. And even more, they are some of the most iconic scenes of all time. Which of your favorite movie scenes were originally mistakes? Read on to find out! (Note: some videos contain graphic violence and adult language.)

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