Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Characters

October 11 20:44 2013

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is almost upon us, which means that it’s time for the movie going public to be scarred of what they’re watching again. When it comes to what makes horror movies scary, there a few few things to consider. It could be anything from the atmosphere of the film (haunted house movies), something as simple as the music (Psycho comes to mind), or the actor’s portrayals of their characters (looking at you, Jack Nicholson). For the most part, though, it’s going to be the characters themselves that cause the viewers to lose the most sleep at night. Let’s take a look at some of the scariest characters to appear on screen:

10. Damien, The Omen

Kids are usually fun to be around, usually full of joy with a great outlook on the world. Nope, not this one. Damien, according to his parents, could be the anti-Christ, and certainly isn’t the kind of kid you’d want to invite to your next birthday party, especially after what happens to his nanny.

9. Chucky, Child’s Play

How terrorizing could a playful looking doll be? Well, the answer is “very.” The Good Guys doll, packaged with the soul of serial killer, has had people second guessing those once seemingly innocent purchases at the toy store ever since the 80s.

8. Michael Myers, Halloween

Some people like the strong, silent type, but I doubt anyone would want be be alone with this vengeful killer. What kind of horror list would this be without the killer from Halloween?

7. Victor Crowley, Hatchet

A horribly disfigured, nearly impossible to kill murderous swamp dweller, Victor Crawley terrorizes the swamps outside of New Orleans. Just looking at him is enough to freak you out, but seeing what he does to his victims is enough to gross you out for good.

6. Rage Infected Londoners, 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later

While Danny Boyle didn’t invent the zombie film, he did help redefine it with 28 Days Later. It’s true the people don’t turn in zombies, but they are infected with rage. Incredibly fast and hellbent on killing, seeing those bloodshot eyes means it’s already too late.

5. Pale Man ,Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth isn’t exactly a horror movie like the rest of the films listed, but the Pale Man that Ophelia encounters on her journey is genuinely one of the scariest looking things to grace the screen in quite some time. Just looking at it again gives me the chills.

4. Pennywise, IT

A lot of people already have problems with clowns. Throw in one that kills, has some freaky looking teeth, the menace of Tim Curry, and the fact that it’s actually a giant alien, a lot more people are going to stay away from clowns more often.

3. Creatures, The Descent

Five friends just wanted to go on cave diving adventure, but what they didn’t expect was for something to be living in those caves that doesn’t like company. The film itself is very claustrophobic, which is scry enough in itself, but when you throw in flesh eating creatures, it’s enough to keep people from wanting to go spelunking.

2. Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street

The burnt and scarred face. The knives on the hands. The horrible looking striped sweater. Freddy Krueger lives off fear, and I’m sure snuck into some moviegoers’ nightmares as well, much to their regret.

1. Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What’s scarier than a guy running around with a chainsaw trying to kill you? How about a guy running around with a chainsaw trying to kill you that is wearing a mask made of other victim’s faces?



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