Top 10 Scary Halloween Songs

October 04 13:58 2013

The month of October is finally upon us! The leaves are changing, pumpkin flavored everything is on every shelf in every store, kids are screaming for candy, adults are screaming for alcohol, and of course, Halloween is here. With Halloween comes crazy costumes, sugar-high kids, trick-or-treating, scary movies, hot apple cider, donuts, etc. But what is Halloween without the mood? The creepy atmosphere that October 31st always brings, the chill in the air after all the kids are home asleep. Here’s a list of the top 10 scariest songs to get you in the mood for Halloween. Not all of this music is necessarily purely Halloween based, some of the songs are just plain scary and should be on every Halloween playlist. Prepare yourselves, and don’t forget to leave the lights on.

10) Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
It’s inevitable not to have a Marilyn Manson on a scary song list. While the song Beautiful People isn’t exactly terrifying by itself, the music video is. Manson knows how to get under your skin and stay there with his morbid but honest lyrics, and the music video just solidifies it.

9) 28 Days Later Theme
Try sleeping with this music in your ears. It’s a simple track, but it is atmospheric and eerie. There’s a constant sense of dread throughout the piece.

8) The Omen Theme
If the child of Satan, Damien, doesn’t absolutely scare the pants off of you, then the soundtrack might. It’s demonic, atmospheric, and just plain awesome.

7) Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby
It’s not exactly the scariest, but it does set a mood. It’s a perfect blend of longing desperation and atmospheric eeriness. Play this as the kids walk away from your door. It’s sure to give the chills.

6) The Shining Theme
Stanley Kubrick’s unrecognized masterpiece was truly a representation of craft. It’s a looming, disturbing film with an equally as brooding soundtrack.

5) A Nightmare on Elm Street Theme
There’s nothing creepier than a children’s chorus in the background of eerie instruments as a man with razor sharp fingers is coming to eviscerate you in your dreams.

4) Revolution 9 by The Beatles
The Beatles? On a scary music list? Yes. Revolution 9 is a haunting exercise in repetition that etches its way into your brain. And that’s listening to it normally. Give a go backwards. You won’t sleep for weeks.

3) Rosemary’s Baby Theme
Creepy, unrelenting, and brilliant. This movie would make the top 10 most disturbing endings list, and the soundtrack simply elevates the whole movie to a different level of scary. Mia Farrow does the vocal work to an incredibly chilling lullaby.

2) The Exorcist Theme
A movie that only needs to be seen once to stay with you forever. Anytime this music is heard, the lights better be going on. Kids surely won’t be getting candy from you if this is played outside your home.

1) Halloween Theme
Of course, the only way to end off this list is to put the famous Michael Myer’s theme as number 1. It has stood the test of time, and is uncompromisingly the best music for Halloween. It’s scary, it’s haunting, and it screams horror. Happy Halloween everyone!



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