Venus Williams gifts her mother her home

October 21 09:33 2013

Venus Williams is giving her mother a generous gift – her house in Jupiter, Florida – for almost free.

According to TMZ, the tennis star signed the house over to Oracene Williams in September. All the mother paid for the 2,804 sq. ft. house was $10 as a means to keep the transaction legal.

In 2000, Williams spent $310,000 for the 4-bedroom, 3-bath house. That year, she won the U.S. Open, Wimbledon and an Olympic gold medal. reports that Williams ended her season early this year as she battled a back injury and the autoimmune disease Sjögren’s syndrome.

In an interview with the US Open, Williams spoke about her struggle last season and coming back in the future. “Sometimes you just have to go through more than what you want to go through.  Sometimes you have to have losses.  When I had losses, it always motivates me a lot to do better and to work harder.  So I realize that I haven’t had a lot of chances to play this year or a lot of chances to play healthy this year, have had injuries and what have you, so I’m just going to have to keep working my way into it maybe more than some of the other players, but I know I can do that.”

Williams plans to return for the 2014 Australian Open. The generous athlete is currently ranked No. 38.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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