Brody Jenner says ‘it’s all about golf’ for Bruce after separation from Kris Jenner

With Bruce and Kris Jenner getting separated, it has appeared that Bruce and his son Brody haven’t had the best relationship, as seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Now, it seems that everything is fine between the two, and Brody claims everything was all patched up after a round of golf.

According to People, despite the separation from his wife, Brody claims that his dad is doing just fine, and is staying busy playing golf.

“We talk all the time. We talked this morning,” the 30-year-old Hills star said at a party he Saturday. “It’s all about golf; all we talk about is golf.”

“He’s great,” Brody said of how his dad has been doing. “I tend to stay away from that because he’s my dad. He’s my family, so I don’t read the press or the media, you know, I just talked to him personally. As far as I know, he’s great.”

Bruce himself confirmed his son’s comments when, immediately after the couple’s separation in October, the New York Daily News reports he said, “I’m doing great. Kris is happy, I’m happy.”

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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