Disney’s ‘Frozen’ earns early positive reviews

With Thanksgiving only nine days away, America’s movie industry is in a big hurry to put out all of their best movies in time for both the holiday season and awards season. As always, the biggest contender in the family film business will be Disney with their latest computer animated movie Frozen.

Early reviews for the film have been overwhelmingly positive, thick with the promise that this will be another Disney classic. The critics have praised Frozen for its visuals, voice-acting, musical numbers, contemporary sense of humor, and strong female characters. One review from Forbes declares that Frozen perfects the Disney fairy tale formula, telling a magical tale of two princesses that is both an affirmation and a revision of the traditional Disney princess story. ScreenCrush wrote that the songs in the movie are performed like Broadway show-stoppers and although there is a love triangle in the story, it is secondary to the primary goal of reuniting the two sisters.

Frozen will open in theaters nationwide on November 27th.

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