The Swag Geeks release ‘Love Me Right’ featuring Brook Penning

2013 was the year of nerds and geeks. Thanks to successful comic book movies and The Big Bang Theory, being a geek is cool. The Swag Geeks have joined in on the hot trend of being a geek and have released their latest single, “Love Me Right!” This track also features Brook Penning.

Not much is known about the Swag Geeks, but their music speaks for itself. “Love Me Right” is a fun, buoyant and upbeat track from the Swag Geeks. The lyrics are playful and have a modern fresh feel. Pop and subtle electronic influences can be heard during the single, but it moves forward and doesn’t feel like a recycled pop song.

“Love Me Right” is another example of artists pushing the pop industry forward. Artists want to be able to explore and experiment with their musical sound outside of the boundaries of pop music. With dubstep and EDM taking over the airwaves, it is only logical that bands like the Swag Geeks would adapt these influences as their own.

The Swag Geeks will be an artist to watch in 2014.

Listen to “Love Me Right” here:

image: the Swag Geeks

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