Top 10 ‘Glee’ performances (Videos)

November 19 15:41 2013

Glee first came into the hearts of many fans when a few unknown actors sang, “Don’t Stop Believing” in a high school auditorium. From then on Glee topped the charts with their popular cover songs and even had a few original hits. These unknown actors turned into superstars’ overnight and fans tuned in every week to see what happened at McKinley High.

This year, Glee lost one of its own when Cory Moneith passed away. The show handled the passing with class and gave fans a special episode to mourn the loss of Cory. Glee honored Moneith and also started to move on with the storyline. Glee has always had a great way of dealing with hard issues and putting amazing music out for the fans. is counting down the top ten Glee performances from the first season to the current season, these are the top ten most memorable performances from Glee.

10. If I Were a Boy-Unique

Unique was introduced as a new character when some of McKinley graduated and headed off to New York. Unique brought new life to the show and kept the Glee theme of being who you are going strong. This intense and emotional performance from Unique singing Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy,” was passionate and honest.

9. Journey Medley- Nationals

Glee started off singing Journey and by the end of season one fans had fallen in love with the Fox show. This Journey medley is a clear fan favorite.

8. Just The Way You Are – Finn

It’s hard for Glee fans to fully enjoy a show without Finn Hudson but it helps that fans can go back on YouTube and see some classic performances from Finn. This heartfelt cover of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are,” melted the heart of fans everywhere.

7. Like a Prayer –Full Cast

Glee took on Madonna and covered “Like a Prayer,” the result was magical.

6. Born This Way-Full Cast

When Glee sang “Born This Way,” it was not only anthem for the characters but for fans of the show. Gaga and Glee go hand in hand.

5. Perfect- Kurt and Blaine

Kurt and Blaine became one of the most talked about couples on Glee not because of both being gay but because the relationship had instant sparks and chemistry. When Kurt and Blaine came together and performed, “Perfect,” by P!nk it was heart warming and proved that on Glee love is love.

4. Defying Gravity- Kurt and Rachel

Lea Michele and Chris Colfer took on one of the most well known Broadway songs, “Defying Gravity.” Hearing this icon song performed by both a male and female was interesting, outstanding and brilliant.

3. Cough Syrup- Blaine

Glee has never been afraid to tackle the intense issues. When one of the characters on Glee attempted suicide due to gay relating bully, it was an emotional and powerful episode. This performance from Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, was the perfect song for this intense scene.

2. To Make You Feel My Love- Rachel

Following the news of Cory Moneith passing it was hard to imagine how Lea Michele would handle the memorial tribute. Michele was not featured in most of the show but the moments she appeared on screen brought tears to the eyes of everyone. This cover of Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love,” is one of the most memorable and moving performance on the show.

1. Don’t Stop Believing- Full Cast

This was the song that started it all, without Journey Glee might not have ever been.

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