Top 10 Holiday Albums

In about a week or so local radio stations will be blaring the beautiful sounds of the holiday season. Where some of us have had our holiday hats on since the day after Halloween, an influx of holiday music will fill our homes full-time before we know it.

Over the years our favorite artists have made holiday wishes come true with their own spin on the season’s most popular songs. These spirited ballads have given fans the opportunity to enjoy the musical genius offered by the world’s most talented musicians while holding on to the harmonies sung during the happiest time of the year. To sink into the holiday season here’s a list of the best holiday albums from some of our favorite artists across the eras.

10)N’SYNC, Home for Christmas

The nine-year-old inside of me reemerges when N’SYNC’s Christmas album plays. Though it’s not as renowned as the classic Christmas albums, N’SYNC’s Home for Christmas brings me back to a time when all I wanted under the tree was a pink-walkman and a few new hit-clips.

9)She and Him, A Very She and Him Christmas

She and Him sing the holiday serenade with their jazzy, ‘60s inspired album. The smooth tones of Zooey Deschanel’s vocals and the mild acoustics are sleepily soothing.

8)Justin Bieber, Under the Mistletoe

Justin Bieber’s Christmas album teleports me back to a time when his biggest scandal was getting his signature ‘do cut. Sigh, regardless his acoustic version of “Fa La La” featuring Boys II Men is cool and catchy. The vocals alone make you want to melt by a fireplace and fall into the flawless falsetto offered by Bieber’s pre-pubescent angelic voice.

7) The Beach Boys, Christmas Album
Any song by The Beach Boys can bring a smile to the masses, combine that undeniable charm with the holiday season and you can’t go wrong! The upbeat, carefree Christmas album brings the sunny disposition of “California Girls” to our favorite Christmas classics.

6) Bing Crosby, White Christmas

Bing Crosby’s White Christmas captures the essence of an old fashioned holiday. The holiday essential, is one of the most recorded holiday songs of all time and has sold over 50 million copies. The ease and elegance of this holiday hit makes it a nostalgic necessity spanning multiple generations.

5)Frank Sinatra, A Jolly Christmas

If Frank Sinatra was a part of our generation he would be the possessor of all swag. The smooth talking star continues to tantalize with his swinging vocals bringing the holiday season a classy collection of contagious Christmas songs. The album features the back up vocals of the Ralph Brewster Singers, and an orchestra conducted by Gordon Jenkins.

4)Elvis Presley, Elvis Christmas Album

The holiday season is the perfect time to kick back with the King and some bluesy, romantic rhythms. The album best known for the sappy song, “Blue Christmas” is chuck full of iconic ‘50s rock n’ roll.

3)Nat King Cole, The Magic of Christmas

It’s just not the Holidays without Nat. The iconic singer of “The Christmas Song” is a holiday tradition all on his own. When I hear his voice outside of the winter months I am instantly teleported to ugly sweater season, and the joys of remaining indoors.

2)Mariah Carey,Merry Christmas

Mariah Carey took the idea of a Christmas album and made it essential to having a legendary pop career. The singer knows how to celebrate, and it’s with her awe-inspiring pitch and glamorous take on the Santa suit. I would totally support the star if she wore red-velvet and white fur all year long, she knows how to rock it.

1) Michael Bublé, Christmas

Some people are born to bring joy to the masses, Michael Bublé just happens to be one of them. I feel that this man was born to sing Christmas ballads, hence the reason for his spot at number 1. His affection for inspiring happy tears is so apparent that he blesses fans with an annual Christmas Special on NBC. Which to me, is one of the most wonderful traditions yet.

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