Cody Karey – ‘Cody Karey’ Album Review

Cody Karey is not one of those overnight famous musicians. He had spent years perfecting his vocal skills, deciding what musical direction he wanted to take and figuring out what he is trying to say with his music.

There was not a time in Karey’s life when music wasn’t at the core of everything he does. At the age of six he has performed country songs in front of audiences in his small town Fort St. James. In his teenage years he started performing on stages in big cities and already had made some television appearances. Then he entered David Foster’s talent competition, reached the finals and has spent seven years touring and honing his skills, till this Grammy-winning producer, songwriter and record executive has signed him to Verve Records.

You might wonder why it took him so long?

Karey is not hiding anything and openly admits that Foster told him that he had to “become a better singer.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that at first. So I really worked on extending my range and making my voice more powerful, but he was talking about interpretation. That time afforded me the opportunity to become a better artist and performer. As a result, I think we have a more complete album. I’m more ready now,” Karey explains.

The wait is over and so worth it. Karey’s debut album is finally out and absolutely perfected, because he never left anything to chance.

The cohesive and elaborate self-titled debut album features 11 tracks.

From grandiose and breathtaking “You Are The Song” to gentle “Leap Of Faith,” nostalgic “I’m Coming Home,” graceful “Couldn’t Ask For More” and “Unbroken Dreams,” which are all beautiful, sentimental, piano-driven ballads with majestic violin arrangements.

Then there is a wonderful, emotional, gospel-style cover of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” and Art Garfunkel’s gorgeous and delicate ballad “All I Know.”

“If Ever I Fall” is a beautiful guitar-driven, slow-dancing ballad.

Karey also masterfully delivers emotion in other languages, with Spanish “Sentir” featuring romantic Spanish Guitars and opera-style “Tu Sei,” a piano-driven ballad where Karey’s strong tenor comes to the fore and he is reminiscent of Andrea Bocelli whom he admires so much.

And finally, there’s “A Million Pieces,” a quite different track from the rest. It is an upbeat catchy ballad containing all the pop elements and dominant-drums.

Overall, Cody Karey has delivered a superb debut album that he must be proud of. It is cohesive, honest, stunning and both vocally and instrumentally exquisite. There is a bright future ahead of Karey! Highly recommended!

Track Listing:

1. “You Are The Song”
2. “If Ever I Fall”
3. “Leap Of Faith”
4. “Sentir”
5. “All I Know”
6. “I’m Coming Home”
7. “Tu Sei”
8. “A Million Pieces”
9. “Couldn’t Ask For More”
10. “Unbroken Dreams”
11. “I Believe I Can Fly”

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