Jake Clemons releases ‘Embracing Light’

Jake Clemons has released his latest EP, Embracing Light. Clemons is known for being a jack of all trades when it comes to musicianship. He can play guitar, drums, saxophone and he writes all of his own music. From start to finish the work on Embracing Light is Clemons.

Clemons has created a full sound by utilizing all of his musical talent, the album really builds the song over the course of the five tracks. It has a feel of a classic jam band artist but Clemons really showcases his vocal ability as well on Embracing Light.

His vocal range is a strange cross between indie and powerful, Clemons often shows his large range but nows when to keep his vocals controlled and sincere.

It is fun for fans to listen and find different musical influences with each listen through the album. Strong hints of jazz, rock and indie rock can be heard in each track but they combine in a modern and fresh way. Clemons has really taken the time to think about and build is own unique musical sound.

The entire album is full of passion and thoughtfulness. It is clear that Clemons really wants to connect with his fans and provide them with the best music possible.

Stand out songs on the album include, “Song for Hope,” “Carry Me Through” and “You Must Be Crazy.”

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