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After releasing “This Is My Wish” for Glade, a song that everybody seem to like so much that they have demanded a full version of it instead of a 30 second spot, Jordin Sparks seem to have a lot ahead of her when it comes to her career. We had an opportunity to chat with super sweet Jordin about her recent projects, a potential Christmas album, her highly anticipated third studio album and her love life. Keep scrolling and enjoy! So let’s start off with the latest! You have released a beautiful and heartwarming new original holiday song “This Is My Wish” for Glade. Tell me more about that project?

Jordin Sparks: I actually had the The Young People’s Chorus Of New York City do part of the song, they did the 30 second spot and they decided that they wanted to do a full-length song, so they approached me; hey would you like to be a part of it? And I love all things holiday. My birthday is on the 22nd, so I was born with the love of Christmas and all of that. So I was like, yeah, I would love to do it. So, about two and a half weeks ago I went into the studio, I recorded it, the next day we shot the video for it and now it’s live and up and for free download, nice little early Christmas present. But one of the amazing things is that Glade is donating $150,000 to Toys for Tots, so any way that I can be a part of bringing a child a smile or bringing them joy and helping them feel great for Christmas, I wanted to be a part of. So that was a part of it as well.

TCC: How was it working with The Young People’s Chorus Of New York City?

JS: It was amazing! I had so much fun! They just… Oh my gosh, I can’t even say enough about them, they just make me wanna, I don’t know, pinch their cheeks or something…They are so sweet. We got to do the video together and then I performed on the station with them yesterday morning and they were just, wide awake, had the brightest smiles and they’re so talented. Their voices are just angelic. So I was excited to be able to do a song that has an amazing choir like that singing along with me.

TCC: You seem to be making amazing holiday music that people love so much. Is there a Christmas album on the horizon?

JS: Oh, I hope so! I hope so! My dream since I was little was to make a Christmas album and I love Christmas so much that it would probably be a double-disc, cause I wouldn’t be able to edit myself. I’ll be like- I’m gonna sing every single song!

TCC: Speaking of Christmas, what do you love the most about this holiday?

JS: For me personally, I love being able to be with my family. The past seven years of my life have been so crazy and I’m always somewhere else other than home, so I love being able to spend time with my family and on another note, I love the fact that everybody slightly changes during the holidays. Most people are a little bit brighter and have a little bit more cheer around this time and are a little bit more giving, so I love that.

TCC: What is your favorite Christmas song?

JS: My favorite Christmas song would probably have to be “Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)” by Mariah Carey and “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole.

TCC: You have also recorded a third studio album, expected to drop sometime in 2014 and your fans are all on pins and needles. Any prediction on when is it supposed to come out?

JS: I would love to predict, but I thought I was gonna have an album out early February of this year, so obviously that didn’t happen. But I would love, love for first quarter next year or maybe around spring to have an album out, but who knows? We’ll see. Hopefully, after this holiday break my label will come back rest and ready to work, cause I’m ready so…

TCC: How different is it from the previous album?

JS: It’s different for me, because I’ve grown up a lot. It’ll be almost five years since my last album came out, so I’ve grown up a lot, I’ve experienced a lot, I’m in love, I’m super happy with who I am and comfortable in my own skin and that’s definitely gonna be portrayed in the music and in the lyrics.

TCC: Does the album feature any collaborations?

JS: I’ve done one with Jason, of course… My love… It’s actually really good, it’s one of my favorite songs I have recorded so far and I would love to do more collaborations. I just, you know, I gotta get back in the studio and start working and writing on some new material.

TCC: You are playing a role in an action sci-fi thriller called, “Left Behind” and an indie movie “The Grace Of Jake.” Tell me more about your characters in these movies and the whole experience?

JS: “Left Behind” is a movie that is based on the book series Left Behind it’s about the Rapture and, basically what happens… If you don’t know what the Rapture is… the Rapture is at the end of The Bible in Revelation and, what happens is, half of the people in the world get taken up- that believe and the other half are left behind- on Earth. And so I play a mother, named Shasta Carvell and I’m on the plane and when I wake up my daughter is missing, and I go pretty crazy. So, it was really intense, I don’t have any kids myself so I really had to pull from my imagination, how I would feel if my daughter was missing. And for “The Grace Of Jake” I actually play a preacher’s daughter who has never been anywhere, but her small town and Jake comes into town and he picks my interest, because he represents everything that is unknown to me. So it’s pretty awesome. They are two different characters, but it was fun to play both of them.

TCC: Now an unavoidable question, about you and Jason Derulo. You two make the cutest couple and seem so much in love. What would you say is the secret to a long-lasting relationship?

JS: Oh men! Oh my gosh, it has been a long time I can actually give an advice on this, yeah! It’s been about two and a half years for Jason and I and it is pretty crazy, cause our schedules are really intense and we’re all over the place all the time. Once we fell in love and got a deeper connection and really we’re like, okay we’re gonna make this work. We made a rule that if we can help it we don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other and thank God for technology and video chat and texting and Face Time and all that good stuff, ‘cause that has really helped. And also communicating – we talk about everything. I talk to him every single day, I talk to him before I go to sleep and vice versa, he does the same for me. And we’re very supportive of each other. It also helps if you like the person, you have to REALLY like the person. …you wanna like who they are first, with how they interact with other people, how they are with their family, how they are with their friends, cause that’s how they gonna treat you. And Jason treats his mother like a queen and he in turn does the same thing for me.

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