‘Scandal’ Recap: A Door Marked Exit

The most anticipated episode begins with Vice President Sally killing her husband. The first thing she does is call Cyrus. Cyrus immediately has his B6-13 staff clean up the death. The goal was to make it look like a heart attack was the cause of death.

Mellie reports the news of Daniel Douglass’s death to Cyrus; she is excited and happy. But Cyrus tells her the truth about how Daniel Douglass died and how he helped her cover the murder up. He says: “ hell hath no fury like the woman of a man who is sleeping with another man”. Mellie sees this as an opportunity to keep Sally on their side.

James learns about Daniel Douglass’s death. He is upset and believes that Cyrus killed him as a result of their affair together. He goes to David to tell him that he believes that he was murdered on purpose. David does not want to pursue the death because the last time when he pursed defiance, he lost it everything.

President Fitz takes Rowan into his own hands. Who would ever think that he would sit in the same seat as Huck? This time the President is on the other side of the interrogation table. He tells Rowan that his wife was taken away on a private plane; some place safe where he can never reach her again. She will forever be away from his control. The president wants to know why? Why have him shoot down the plane? And why lie to Olivia and have her believe her mother was dead for 22 years?

Huck finds out that the president is in the pentagon. Olivia calls Fitz and comes to meet her father. This time liv does the interrogating. She told Rowan that she is aware that her mother lied. There was never a bomb on the plane. Olivia’s mom fooled the father, like she fooled Olivia. Rowan admits that was true. They killed hundreds of people off of a lie. Now Olivia is on her fathers side, she orders that the second her mother gets off the plane; she is to be arrested. However, the plane that Olivia’s mother was on never made it to the destination. The mother later calls Olivia and tells her that she will see her real soon. The search for Olivia’s mom is on!

Quinn wants to leave B613, she wants to be normal. Then her partner whispers all of the things that she wants to hear. He tells her that she has natural talents, and comforts her. He turns over in the morning to find that Quinn Perkins left him and returned back to the gladiators. She immediately goes to Huck. Huck tells her that he was not sorry because if it were not for Olivia, he would have killed her. He then tells Quinn that she is no longer a gladiator anymore. As a result, she returns to B613.

Jake passionately kisses Olivia and then tells her Goodbye. He tells her that no matter what happens next he really loved her. He then becomes the new head of B613. The president thinks that the two of them will make a good team.

Leo learns that the Vice President killed her husband and he is upset that she called the white house and not him. He wanted to be contacted first.

The NSA can leak conversations held on cell phones. One of the new workers there overheard a conversation and brought the conversation of Sally and Cyrus on the phone after she killed her husband to David. What will he do, now that he has actual evidence in his possession?

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