Top 10 Demi Lovato singles

Demi Lovato has been on a personal and musical evolution over the past few years. Starting as a young Disney star, who became famous overnight with the hit Disney Channel film, Camp Rock to the female music superstar that she is today, Lovato has been through it all and has come out on top of the musical charts.

Music fans have seen Disney stars rise and fall in the public eye. Lovato did go to rehab for a variety of personal issues but emerged from treatment a stronger and more focused individual. Following her time in treatment, Lovato released, Unbroken, which launched her into the pop music industry. Lovato had a new sound, a more personal feel and was able to shed her Disney past without losing her large fan base. Lovato overcame personal issues has become a female role model for thousands of young girls. is counting down the top ten Demi Lovato singles. From Disney hits to current hits like “Neon Lights,” all of these songs have the signature Lovato sound and express her true talent as a vocalist.

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10. Let It Go

The pop superstar returned to her Disney roots this past month to release “Let It Go,” a single from the motion picture Frozen. The song captures her power as a vocalist and is a memorable Disney favorite already. Fans enjoyed seeing Lovato embrace her past and add to this animated film.

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9. Made in the USA

Lovato accomplished a few items with her hit, “Made in the USA.” She directed the music video and performed the single. Being a triple threat comes in hand in the music industry. Lovato can not only sing but can act, direct and create.

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8. Neon Lights

The latest single to be release from Lovato, “Neon Lights,” has been burning up the charts. The song has the modern flavor that fans are used to in 2013 and is catchy. The combination of Lovato’s vocal ability and the dance beats result in an unforgettable pop song.

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7. This is Me

Lovato got her start on Disney and was featured in the film, Camp Rock which also featured the Jonas Brothers. Following the success of movies like High School Musical, Lovato was launched into a world of superstardom and recorded a hit single with “This is Me,” from the movie.

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6. La La Land

Lovato release a few albums while she was still in the Disney realm. She has grown as artist overtime but hits like “La La Land,” helped to build her career into what it has become today.

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5. Remember December

This upbeat, rock/pop anthem from Remember December showed the power and rock influences that Lovato would later channel for her future albums.

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4. How to Love (Cover)

Lovato shocked fans and music critics with her cover of Lil’ Wayne’s “How to Love.” She not only covered the song but it did it beautifully and provided the emotional aspects that Wayne features on this rap track. Lovato proved that she had the talent to take on different genres and still make them her own.

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3. Give Your Heart a Break

Following her time in rehab, Lovato came back bigger than ever with her music. Unbroken reintroduced her to the music world and fans rejoiced. This smash hit off of Unbroken, “Give Your Heart a Break” showed that Lovato was ready to take on the music industry once again.

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2. Heart Attack

The success of Unbroken had fans begging for more music from the X Factor judge. The next album titled, Demi featured hits like “Neon Lights” and “Made in the USA.” “Heart Attack” was the first single off of Demi and featured rock influences and the female vocal superpower that Lovato has become.

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1. Skyscraper

Without a doubt, “Skyscraper,” is a fan favorite and the most emotional single that Lovato had ever released. The single speaks for itself. Following time in rehab, Lovato addressed issues through her music and showed fans that even when you fall down, you can stand back up and be better than ever. Lovato is a talent musician but is also an inspiration role model for many.

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