Top 10 Pink songs

December 06 15:19 2013
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Pink is known for being a unique tour de force in the pop music industry. From her hair to music, Pink does what she feels is best and refuses to fit into common stereotypes that come along with the pop music genre and industry.

Pink started making music back in the early 90s with her band Choice but in the early 2000’s the pop punk star released “There You Go,” and made her mark on the music industry as a solo artist. Her sound combined the best elements of rock, pop and even punk, all with a feminine twist.

With hits like, “Try,” and “Stupid Girls,” to “Just Like a Pill,” Pink has produced one charting song after another.

Fans all across the world have connected with Pink musically and personally. Pink is currently on tour promoting her latest album, The Truth About Love. In honor of her latest tour and album, is counting down the top ten Pink songs. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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10. Try

One of the many singles featured on The Truth About Love is “Try.” Which is a powerful and inspiration ballad that builds throughout the song. Fans everywhere can be heard singing along with the catchy chorus and positive lyrics.

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9. Give Me a Reason

Pink recently teamed up with Nate Ruess, from Fun., for their single, “Give Me a Reason.” The song topped a variety of charts because of the crossover power that Ruess brought to the single. Individually, their vocal styles seemed to different to work together, but Ruess and Pink used their unique abilities and created something rare and beautiful when it comes to duets.

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8. Stupid Girls

Pink is not afraid to make fun of herself or others, after all, if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? This music video for the hit, “Stupid Girls,” was a hot item in the pop culture world that year. Pink made her point by highlighting how sexualized the industry can be.

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7. So What

In her personal life, the singer has been through some trying times herself. Including a break up from on again off again husband Carey Hart. In this breakup anthem, Hart even appears in the music video. Hart at the time was not with Pink. The two are now happily married with a daughter.

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6. U + Ur Hand

Pink is also not afraid of lyrics that cause controversy. “U + Ur Hand” is a great example of how Pink was able to have fun, create a dance anthem and insult a few men at the same time.

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5. Don’t Let Me Get Me

One of the earlier singles from Pink, “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” showed the power behind her vocal abilities and was a small window into the superstar artist that she would become.

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4. Family Portrait

This song connected with a variety of fans because of how emotional and true the lyrics about a broken family are. Pink has never been shy about sharing her personal life through her music and fans have recognized this vulnerability. In order to be a superstar in the music industry, you have to let fans in, Pink has done that and made the process seem effortless and musically spectacular.

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3. Who Knew

One of the most emotional songs that Pink performs night after night, “Who Knew,” has taken on a life of its own with fans. Everyone can relate to this emotional ballad in a different way.

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2. Raise Your Glass

From emotional pop ballads to rock/dance anthems, Pink does it all. This single has the ability get an entire stadium up on their feet and dancing along with the fun lyrics. “Raise Your Glass,” made Pink a full fledge music superstar.

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1. Perfect

Pink has had so many hits that she was able to release a greatest hits album that did not even include all of her chart topping hits. Off of this greatest hits release came “Raise Your Glass” and “Perfect.” “Perfect,” was emotional, beautiful and showed a whole new side to the pop punk rock star. After having a daughter, Pink seemed to be singing this song to her, reminding her and the world that no matter who you are, you are perfect.

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