Top 10 Pink songs

Pink is known for being a unique tour de force in the pop music industry. From her hair to music, Pink does what she feels is best and refuses to fit into common stereotypes that come along with the pop music genre and industry.

Pink started making music back in the early 90s with her band Choice but in the early 2000’s the pop punk star released “There You Go,” and made her mark on the music industry as a solo artist. Her sound combined the best elements of rock, pop and even punk, all with a feminine twist.

With hits like “Try” and “Stupid Girls” to “Just Like a Pill,” Pink has produced one charting song after another.

Fans all across the world have connected with Pink musically and personally. Pink is currently on tour promoting her latest album, The Truth About Love. In honor of her latest tour and album, is counting down the top ten Pink songs. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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