Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies

For every best list, there has to be a worst.

It is easy to pick a best Christmas movie. However, picking a worst movie is seemingly difficult. Everyone has a favorite and someone is going to get mad. I have written a best list here so be sure to read that too before assuming that I’m the Grinch.

When making Christmas movies, there are two ways to go. You can focus on the commercialism of Christmas, talking about toys and wanting a certain gifts or you can go the religious route with angels and doing good things. My list is made up of both.

There are plenty of bad Christmas movies- more than just ten. These are ten popular enough for the public to decide whether or not they are bad enough to make a worst list. Each choice on the list includes a trailer for the film because we all know that the best parts of movies are shown in trailers.

If your least favorite is not on the list, comment below on which movie deserves the title of worst Christmas movie.

10. Deck the Halls (2006)

I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Deck the Halls. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 6%, certified rotten rating. This follows family dueling on who can have the best Christmas lights. They both want to get their houses to show up on a fictional Google Earth type website. But, all in the spirit of Christmas!

9. The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause (2006)

The first was amazing. It was clever and unique and sweet. The second was ok- nothing special but the third was terrible. The third film follows as Jack Frost tries to steal Christmas. And Mrs. Claus is having her first child. And there is a voice recorder. And time travel. And Jack Frost grows a weird beard.

8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

I had trouble putting this on the list. I’m sure that I’m going to get some comments on how it shouldn’t make the list. However, this Grinch film is not as good as the cartoon one. The makeup is weird and everything is terrible.

This version tries to make the audience understand why the Grinch is such a… Grinch. As much as Jim Carey tries to bring the Grinch to life, it doesn’t quite work. Like the Grinch’s soul, this movie is an appalling dump heap. The cartoon version is much better.

The three words that best describe this movie are as followed, and I quote: stink, stank, stunk.

7. Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

Christmas with the Kranks follows a couple who are fed up with how commercial Christmas had become so they decide to go on a cruise because their daughter is away from home. However, when their daughter decides to come home at the last minute they have to cancel their cruise and fix Christmas. It is a heartwarming story lost in all of the other “stuff” in the film.

6. Jack Frost(1997)

No, not the cute, heartwarming one. This Jack Frost is a horror film. A truck carrying a serial killer, Jack Frost, to his execution crashes into a genetics truck. Jack dies but his body melts into the snow and he becomes a killing snowman. It is cute and horrifying at the same time.

5. Surviving Christmas (2004)

A guy doesn’t keep touch with his family. So he makes a fake family and forces them into loving him. Then the fake family’s daughter shows up and he forces her to dress up as a maid. While this may sound like a terrible horror movie, it’s actually a romantic comedy.

4. Black Christmas (2006)

Christmas horror films are always a bad idea. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth, not an excuse to make themed horror movies. Rotten Tomatoes gave this film a 14% rotten rating. Black Christmas is one of those typical horror films where a bunch of sorority girls are being hunted like reindeer during hunting season at the North Pole.

3. Home Alone 3 (1997)

I love the Home Alone films. The first one actually made my best Christmas films list. However, the third Home Alone film is the first without Macaulay Culkin. The director, Chris Columbus, was also replaced. It isn’t that it is a bad movie. It is just that the third ruined classic films.

2. Santa with Muscles (1996)

This film is real. It was a feature film that was in theaters for two weeks. It tells the story of mean millionaire/bodybuilder Blake (Hulk Hogan, I assume someone blackmailed him into making this) and his change of heart. After getting into an accident, mean old rich guy believes that he is Santa.

Strong Santa then goes around and saves everyone. I’m pretty sure Superhero Santa would be an acceptable title. But, it doesn’t matter how super this Santa was. There was no way he could rescue anyone from this killer, horrible script.

1. Jingle All The Way (1996)

This movie stars two rival fathers trying to get a Turbo-Man action figure for their sons. There is fighting and running and commercializing of Christmas. Jingle All The Way did have opportunity to be a great film but there was too much going on. Though, it did make me want to have a Turbo-Man.

Jingle All The Way is either hated or loved. I did not like it because it seemed like a big mess. While these dads were trying to get a toy for their kids, they just made a fool of themselves and taught their children a terrible lesson.

This movie is basically Black Friday: The Film and I don’t mean that in a good way.

What Christmas movie belongs on the worst list? And, if you disagree with any of the choices on my list defend it below.

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