‘Arrow’ Recap: ‘Blind Spot’

In this weeks episode of Arrow Laurel is on Sebastian Blood’s trail. After visiting his aunt in a mental institution last week, she finds out that Blood’s aunt is actually his mother, and Blood killed his father. After Blood visited his mother, Laurel received a call from the institution. Blood’s mother was dead.

Scared, Laurel goes to Arrow to show him the evidence, and he takes her to the city archives to help him access some closely guarded files. After a short run-in with the police, Laurel finds the file they need empty; someone beat them to it.

Roy doesn’t want to tell Thea about his newfound strength, so he goes to Sin to help him find a way to test himself. Together, they coax a murderer out from the Glades and Roy nearly beats him to death after using Sin as bait.

Slade is angry with Blood because Laurel and Arrow are so hot on Blood’s trail. Slade tells Blood to fix it, and he does. Laurel had been popping pills he stole from her father. Laurel is jailed with no help from her unforgiving father.

Sin and Roy called an ambulance for the murderer, and at the hospital Thea finds out it was Roy who hurt him. He’s afraid to tell Thea anything, and he afraid of what he might be capable of now.

Laurel and Oliver were in her apartment when Brother Blood showed up, knocked out Oliver, and abducts Laurel. Arrow followed them. After a couple close calls, Laurel found a gun and killed Brother Blood. Arrow removed the mask, only to reveal a stranger, not Sebastian Blood.

The police department dropped Laurel’s possession charges. Again, Oliver feels like he’s failed the city by thinking Sebastian Blood was the man behind the mask.

Thea opens up to Oliver about Roy – that he’s hiding something and refuses to talk to her about. Arrow takes it into his own hands and offers to help Roy hone his skills.

Sebastian Blood paid Slade a visit only to find Deathstroke and within seconds of entering his lair, totally alone, his guards dead by Deathstroke’s blade.

New episodes of Arrow air Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

A preview for next week’s episode “Tremors”:

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