‘Being Human’ (US) Season 4 Premiere: “Old Dogs, New Tricks”

After what seemed like an eternity in limbo, the wait is over. Being Human is back, and it didn’t let us down with last night’s premiere. The episode did not wean us viewers back into the chaos, which led to some continuity issues. However, the episode did start intensely, drawing us in further to their world of the supernatural.

The episode began with Sally and Donna in some sort of supernatural limbo that looked like a spa or sauna. Meanwhile, the episode changed to Aidan, Nora and Josh. From what was said amongst them it appeared that Josh cannot control his wolf, and he also transformed on a different cycle than Nora.

Aidan also had some relationship issues that were straining him. He was having a difficult time balancing his care of Nora and Josh with Cat. But that balancing isn’t going to mean anything because his wife from the American Revolution returned. In addition, Kenny made a return and was shown being the leader of Boston vampires. That was a huge shocker!

Sally was able to return to the house, exiting the limbo through Donna’s death spot. She was able to rejoin the group just in time to help look for Josh, who escaped his cage in the woods after transforming during the day. Since the change in transformation cycle, Josh has made Aidan and Nora carry around silver knives in case he was out of control. As Sally was helping them, she suddenly disappeared, only to reappear in what looked like the same place but without the others.

The premiere was fast and slightly disjointed, but overall a good episode that started in media res. The episode got right down to business and set up the rest of the season to be action packed and full of conflict. Being Human airs on Monday’s at 9 p.m. EST on Syfy.

Below is the trailer for the episode, it basically spells out the episodes key events.

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