Cigarettes: more health issues uncovered

No one in America believes that cigarettes are harmless, but the health severity of smoking might not be known by most.

New results from the U.S. surgeon general state that cigarettes have more dangerous health effects than originally assumed, according to Voice of America.

The familiarity with cigarettes and lung cancer is great, but information from the U.S. surgeon general reveals more possible complications for smokers like liver cancer, erectile dysfunction, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, writes Voice of America.

Smoking was considered cool by popular culture decades ago, but amongst the newer generation it is seen as a stress reliever –a mighty expensive one at that.

According to the Surgeon General, “On average, compared to people who have never smoked, smokers suffer more health problems and disability due to their smoking and ultimately lose more than a decade of life.”

The original report was issued in 1964 states the surgeon general and 50 years later, their findings continue to worsen.

There is hope. Business Recorder reports that smoking rates were at 42 percent in 1964 and now they are 18 percent.

Hopefully this nation can lower the risk of preventable illness and deaths, by not smoking.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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