Comic-Con International changes badge purchasing system

In late July of this year thousands of people will flock to San Diego’s Convention Center for the annual Comic-Con International, where people will be joined with their fellow fans in all things science fiction, fantasy and superheroes. However, many changes are taking place this year involving badge purchases. Earler last week it was revealed that four day passes are no longer being sold while this time around only single day passes will be sold. To get a preview night badge for the Wednesday evening before the convention, the public must buy passes for all four days of the convention otherwise they will not get a preview night badge.
According to the Los Angeles Times> the registration system for buying badges will be a lot less glitchy and have less system crashes occur, which helps regulate the large amount of people who go on the website at once to purchase badges.
The prices for badges are available on Comic-Con’s website and many weren’t surprised to see that prices have gone up since last year. Thursday-Saturday badges are $45 (up from $42) while Sunday badges are now $30 (up from $24).
With over 100,000 people who attend San Diego’s Comic-Con every year, there needed to be a change in the way in which the chaos of buying badges was handled. Hopefully the new changes to the system will allow for a more smooth buying process.

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