Daniel Robinson releases ‘Guesswork’

Daniel Robinson can remember being a young boy dancing around his kitchen barefoot listening to the vocal range of Dave Matthews. Ever since those notes have inspired Robinson, he has been on a musical journey.

Robinson is a musician from Buffalo, NY. Robinson keeps his focus on his vocal performances on every song he records. This work and passion translates into his latest release, Guesswork.

Guesswork features a variety of intense electronic dance music vibes on every track.

Robinson has taken the time to truly experiment with his musical sound. He has from from a darker metal musician, all the way to a more acoustic folk style but he has finally arrived at a vocal EDM influence.

Guesswork is the album of now, it is modern, fresh and feels like it doesn’t quite belong in the mainstream music industry. Which is a good thing. Artists like Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris seemed odd at first but have now found a home in mainstream music. Music fans are willing to push boundaries and grow with artists. Guesswork embraces that need for fans to grow and shows how far Robinson has come as an artist.

When fans listen to Guesswork it feels like Robinson is taking the next step on his musical journey and fans are ready and waiting to see what happens next.

Stand out tracks on the album include, “Running With Wolves,” “Not Your Boy” and “Sugar.”

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