Google Gmail update lets strangers send you emails

Google is about to introduce a big change to Gmail, which is raising plenty of eyebrows. You can now send emails to anyone with a Google+ account and they, in turn, can send you an email, even if you don’t know the person.

On Thursday, Google announced the feature in a new blog post. The idea is to help users connect to friends that they may not have an email address for, as long as they have a Google+ account. While Google did say that your email address will not be visible to everyone, it doesn’t stop you from receiving emails from Goolge+ users you don’t know.

Google said that only people you send messages to will see your email. The other person’s email will also not be visible until he or she responds.
This appears to be yet another attempt on Google’s part to get more users on Goolge+. As Mashable’s Chris Taylor notes, the Internet giant has tried before to get people to use Google+, like requiring it to leave YouTube comments. Yet still, Google+ isn’t being used as a social network on the level of Facebook and Twitter.

Thankfully, if you don’t want emails from people you don’t know, Google did explain how to opt out, notes CNN. You can limit the feature to only people in your Circles, people who know people in your Circles or make sure that no one who doesn’t know your email address can email you.

The feature isn’t live yet and Google is going to send messages out when it starts.

image: Google Blog

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