Justin Bieber may escape egging charges

After investigating the egg-throwing incident, sources say that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were unable to find video evidence directly pinning Justin Bieber to the crime.

Sources told TMZ that the surveillance footage taken from the singer’s house during the raid does not show him throwing the eggs. There also isn’t any video evidence to prove that Bieber was even there before or after the egg-throwing.

According to Contra Costa Times, the only remaining evidence is witness accounts provided by Bieber’s neighbor and his teenage daughter. The neighbor also shot a video of the incident, which doesn’t show the pop star, but allegedly recorded someone who sounds like Bieber talking during the egg-throwing incident.

TMZ was told that the authorities plan on sending their findings over to the L.A. County District Attorney. There they will have to decide whether there is enough evidence to charge Bieber with felony vandalism, as the damage was reportedly $20,000, a misdemeanor or just drop the charges.

The Sheriff’s Department also said that reports that Bieber’s house was full of drugs were not true. They said the only drugs found were in the room of Lil Za, who was arrested.

image: ABC

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