Kentucky fugitive choses jail over polar vortex

The polar vortex has made it so cold that after a man escaped from a security facility in Kentucky and felt how cold it was outside, he turned himself in.

According to the Associated Press, authorities have said that Robert Vick, an inmate who escaped from a minimum security prison on Sunday, felt the chill and asked a motel clerk to call police.

Vick’s freedom was met with the arctic air which made the 42-year-old escapee turn himself in so he could go back to prison and keep warm.

NBC News reported that it was 3 degrees in Lexington, with a wind chill of 17 below, when police were called to the Sunset Motel to collect Vick.

Maurice King, manager of the motel described how Vick looked when he walked into his establishment.

“He was frozen,” he said. “He walked in and knocked on my door and told me to call the law on him.”

Vick was serving a six-year sentence at Blackburn Correctional Complex for burglary and possession of a forged instrument. An escape charge could add five years to that. But it beats the alternative of freezing to death.

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