Leonardo DiCaprio makes surprise ‘SNL’ appearance during Jonah Hill’s opening monologue, they reenact ‘Titanic’ flying scene (Video)

Leonardo DiCaprio made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live last night during his Wolf of Wall Street co-stat Jonah Hill’s opening monologue.

DiCaprio helped reenact the famous Titanic scene, which he and Kate Winslet performed together in the popular James Cameron film.

During the monologue, Hill was pestered with questions about DiCaprio by the SNL cast and growing frustrated, he decided to start throwing digs at him.

When asked about his hair, he said “It’s decent I guess. Not that memorable. Kind of like mine, maybe worse,” Us Weekly reports. After a few digs, DiCaprio joined him and asked “I have a question. What the hell are you doing man?”

He admitted he was trying to be a “big shot” and DiCaprio reminded him he told him not to do that. “Just, like, try to be the best version of me,” Hill said they talked about doing previously.

“Jonah, I knew this was going to happen if you got nominated,” DiCaprio said of his second Oscar nod, Today.com reports.

To make him feel “safe,” Hill asked DiCaprio if they could do their ritual on set. “I’m flying Jack!” Hill yelled as they reenacted the famous Titanic scene. “Yes Rose! You’re flying,” said DiCaprio.

image: NBC

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