McDonald’s cashier punches customer

A visit to a New York City McDonald’s to purchase a Happy Meal, turned out to be a not so happy visit for a woman and her son.

Gui Ying Shi is suing the McDonald’s located in Sunset Park after being punched in the jaw by cashier Marisol Acosta due to a mistake that was made in her order.

When Shi noticed the cheeseburger Happy Meal she ordered for her son was actually a hamburger rather than a cheeseburger, she complained to the cashier.

According to NY Post, the cashier punched the customer in her right jaw and caused her to lose a tooth.

Shi is claiming that the incident is the fault of McDonald’s because none of the managers on duty tried to stop the cashier.

McDonald’s is refusing to take full responsibility of the happening because under no circumstances do they allow their employees to assault a customer for any given reason.

Yahoo! News states that Acosta has been fired since the incident with Ms. Shi and charges of assault were pressed.

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