Michael Pena offered ‘Ant-Man’ role (Report)

Actor Michael Pena has reportedly been offered a role in the upcoming Marvel film Ant-Man.

A source involved in the project exclusively told TheWrap, who notes that Marvel has denied that the American Hustle actor is currently in negotiations for a part. What role he has been offered, if he has, is not yet known.

The actor is mostly known for drama roles and will be appearing in the upcoming miniseries Gracepoint, which is Fox’s adaptation of the popular David Tentant UK series Broadchurch. Filming is set to start soon and would be finished before the April start date that production has been eying for Ant-Man.

If the casting news is true, Pena will join the already cast Michael Douglas, who was officially cast on Monday. Douglas brought on to play Hank Pym, who first devises the technology that allows him to shrink.

Paul Rudd‘s character of Scott Lang will then steal the technology before taking over the role of Ant-Man in the Edgar Wright-directed film.

Marvel is targeting a July 31, 2015 release date for Ant-Man.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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