When it’s too cold or the snow is really falling outside like it is now, you don’t have to put off your training. But if spending more than a few minutes on a stationary bike or elliptical trainer is excruciatingly boring for you, then try the PAFERS XSPIN.

The XSPIN is a revolutionary indoor cycling speed sensor. Use the velcro straps to attach it to the crank of your stationary bike, indoor cycle, or bicycle with trainer. You can alternatively use the velcro tabs to fix it to the flywheel of your elliptical trainer.

XSPIN monitors your speed as you exercise and transmits that data to your mobile device via Bluetooth for instant access. The training programs include 27 training sessions in 5 different levels so you are always going to be challenged. The workout tracker keeps you up to date on your training to keep you from slumping or plateauing. The motivating music created specifically for indoor cycling will keep you going even when the winter blues have you feeling down.

XSPIN works with popular cycling apps such as Cycle Rush and Cycle on Earth.

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