Rapper Young Jeezy arrested again

Less than 3 weeks after his previous arrest for beating his son, rapper Young Jeezy, 36, was arrested again. Yesterday he was charged with obstruction for cursing at officers and refusing to provide his name and any identification.

Georgia’s police spokesman, George Gordon, confirmed the arrest to CNN , but there weren’t too many details provided. All that was said was that a security alarm went off at a townhouse where Jeezy was seen walking out the back of after nobody had answered the front door. When asked, the rapper claimed the townhouse was his girlfriend’s.

According to TheAtlantaJournalConstitution Jeezy refused to show his identification or even give his name and then continued to curse at the officers. The officers then arrested him and since then, nothing else has been released.

TheAtlantaJournalConstitution reported that he was put into Fulton County jail yesterday for this incident and released late last night on a $1,000 bond. On January 3, Jenkins turned himself in for beating and threatening to kill his son and he was released from that incident on a $45,000 bond. Jeezy is scheduled for a court date on Jan. 29 for those previous charges.

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