Rdio offers completely free unlimited streaming, Spotify ends time restriction

Almost no one is buying music in stores any longer, but most are still listening, choosing to stream music rather than buy it. As the streaming industry grows more competitive, the already existing services are testing new ways to attract users. Rdio is now going completely free on the web, while Spotify has just lifted its time restrictions on users without subscriptions.

On Friday, Rdio announced that it will offer a completely free service, although it will feature advertizing. The service has over 20 million tracks available and users can stream individual songs, albums or playlists. Of course, Rdio still has an ad-free option called Rdio Unlimited, which costs $9.99 a month.

The free service only includes web-based streaming on your computer, not mobile streaming. You need a Rdio Unlimited subscription to use the app on your smartphone.

The streaming market has also exploded overseas, which is where Spotify’s news takes effect. Spotify, which began in Europe, lifted a time limit for users who use the free service. Previously, users could only have free streaming access for six months, notes The Washington Post.

That news doesn’t affect the service in the U.S., where there never was a time limit like that for free users. Spotify recently made its mobile app free for users who aren’t paid subscribers, in another move to bring in more users.

The competitive streaming field will also have a new player this month, Beats Music.

image: Rdio.com

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